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Cherry Blossoms

One day early this month, we were sitting at the breakfast table going over what we’d each be working on that day. O was deciding whether he’d drive to Baltimore to check on our renovation project that morning or the next and I was planning on laundry and the park. I realized somewhere between making breakfast and clearing my plate that this was one of the last days the D.C. Cherry Blossoms would be in full effect. If you’ve never seen the Cherry Blossom Festival, pull out your phone and add it to some to-do list in your Notes app because guys, It’s magic. Magic for free! We’re never really spontaneous on weekdays but on this particular morning we found ourselves packing lunches and loading up the car for a day in the city. 


Oshiolema talks more than just about any kid I’ve ever met in my life. He stuck strictly to “Dada” “Mama” “more” and “that” for a what felt like a long time, but once he hit 18 and 20 months old he whipped out this vocabulary that blows my mind every day. At 3 years old he’s more curious than ever and his questions and commentary warm my heart or make me laugh til’ my stomach is sore. (Unless, of course, it’s him saying ridiculous things to Keogena or asking me the same question 30x a minute.) I keep a little journal of the stand-out things he says that I just know I want to look back on when the house is quieter. While each “how come” feels like a brick on my back at times, I’m so thankful for the way his brain works and for the opportunity to hear the many thoughts in there. Here are a few Oshiolema-isms as of lately:

Verse to Live by

We’re in the age of social-media and treading uncharted waters. It felt fun and exciting at first, but my legs are getting tired and the water is getting deeper. Everyone is putting on a brave face, but I know this is dangerous.

Classics on Repeat

I’ve always favored Classic wardrobe pieces over any other. The ‘closet essentials’ tend to be the pieces I reach for over any trendy item I own which tells me to skip the crop top and choker and stick to my delicate gold necklace and simple day dresses. If I’m ever in a rut and can’t think of an exciting outfit to wear, I always know I can look pulled together in 5 minutes with this combination: denim jacket, black dress, sneakers. Works like a charm. 

Friday Feels

Happy Friday! It’s the last Friday in April. How. how. how? A few weeks ago, both my in-laws and my mom asked if we wanted help packing. I genuinely thought “I selfishly just want to see you so please come, but we don’t need help.” No statement ever spoken has been more false than that one. O’s cousin and parents arrived last weekend and after an entire week of unloading the storage room with three extra sets of hands, I can’t wrap my head around doing this whole moving thing without their help. My in-laws and cousin leave today, but by this time next week my mom will be here and all will be well in the world again. Moving is a marathon, not a sprint…and in this case i’m declaring it a relay! 

A Day in the Life: Michaela Noelle Designs

I am beyond excited for today’s ‘A Day in the Life’ because Michaela and I actually went to high school together! We’ve kept up with each other ever since and watching her takeover the world one interior design project at a time has been such a blessing to me. Not only is she an incredible designer, she is also the founder of the dreamy Bloom Workshop. I’ve had the pleasure of attending one of her workshops and it was nothing short of a dream come true. To learn more about Michaela, head to her about page here. To learn more about how she balances all the roles in her life from business owner to dog-mama, keep reading!