In My Arms

How to Maximize your Nighttime Routine

Motherhood has many talents, but maybe its most notorious skill is ‘time thief.’ Just when you think you’ve mastered making the most of your 24 hours, something changes and you’re left wondering how you can squeeze it all in again. Like many of us, my evenings are golden and I am trying to master the art of squeezing a full days work into two hours before bed. I’m no expert yet, but here are the things that have helped me make the most of my precious evening hours (instead of burning the candle at both ends and hanging on by a thread. Just me? Okay.)

Current Favorite Toddler Learning Tools

My kids are 20 months apart which has made for some absolutely crazy-town phases. The one where Oshiolema decided to potty train at 21 months old while I was nursing a newborn and leaning over the toilet to wipe him was a good one. His two year old sleep regression timing up perfectly with her four months old sleep regression was fantastic and there were plenty more times I’m not crying over being past. This 1.5 + 3 year old phase, though?  This makes up for every single one of them. I’ve also noticed in this phase my kids have needed less “stuff” than ever. We’ve simplified toys in a big way (legos, trains and baby dolls forever) and spend a good chunk of the day playing, reading and sneaky learning. Here are some of our current go-to’s throughout the day. 

Valentines Day

This Valentines Day was such a sweet one for us. Every year that O and I have known each other, we’ve split Valentines Day. So I would celebrate my love for him all day the 14th and he would do the same vice-versa on the 15th for me. 

My 7 Favorite Resources for Strengthening our Marriage

I’m so thankful to have had such a beautiful portrait of marriage to look up to my entire life. My parents are the ooey gooey type, dancing to Marvin Gaye in the kitchen and keeping their regular date night- but they also portrayed what marital conflict looked like and what inviting God to be that “third strand” really meant. I knew from such a young age that marriage took work, but also that marriage was a union I so looked forward to spending my life being sanctified through. I foolishly thought taking mental notes from my parents marriage would give me a leg up on the whole ‘marital struggle’ thing. Then I got marriage and my mental notes all mocked me and the joke was on me because turns out, no two marriages are alike. Who knew! 7 years into oneness with my husband, I’m more aware than ever that I need the grace, leading and example of Christ to help me love my guy the way he intended. I’ve also made it my job to be a student of marriage for the rest of my days. Here are the 7 resources that have shaped and molded our marriage.