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10 Tips for Traveling with Littles

Thanksgiving is notoriously the “biggest travel week of the year” and while we are staying home and hosting for the first time in many years, we are no strangers to travel with kids. I actually put together this travel video (at the end of this post) in August when we returned home from over two weeks in Italy with our then ten month old and two and a half year old. Let me tell you, we learned a thing or two.

Kids will always throw you curveballs, but I pulled together the things that we found most helpful for traveling with kids and while these particular things apply more to vacation and further distance travel, hopefully there are takeaways for you if you’re braving travel this week!

Reflecting on ‘What’s in a Name’

For whatever reason, my kids names have been a topic of conversation a lot lately. I suppose they always will be, which is something I now realize is so special. If someone introduces their child and announces their name is Razor or River or Aspen or Archer, our brains are trained to digest that as “2017 names” rather than “unusual name.” When I announce my children’s names are Keogena Na’Airah and Oshiolema Michael, many people try to digest that and their brains are trained to say “does not compute.”

Guest Post from Mama Bear: Why Date Night Matters

When I was visiting my family a few weeks ago, my sister asked me a simple question that prompted me to take a long hard look at my marriage-specifically my role as wife. She was sitting in the back seat, I was doing my mascara in the front seat and my mom was driving. My sister is a newlywed and often picks our brains about marriage, so I wasn’t surprised to see our conversation steering that way again, but what she said caught me off guard. “Mom, Jill, what would you both say are your best tips for keeping your husband in that first-place spot in your life.”

Tips for Dining Out with Littles

Few things intimidate a parent like taking two toddlers out to eat. We live in the suburbs of Virginia where restaurants aren’t in walking distance so even though we don’t eat out all that often, every mom needs to have some tips and tricks up her sleeve for those days where cooking, take-out and delivery won’t cut it. When we were in Italy this summer, we spent at least one meal a day at a restaurant and I learned some things that have taken the cringe factor out of dining-out with these babes.

Friday Feels

Well, friends, we made it. Friday is here. Keogena turned one on Tuesday and it completely threw off the week. Every day has felt like Friday since and ohhh how bitter the disappointment was when I realized it was only Wednesday and we had dentist appointments on the schedule.