In My Arms

How to Foster Strong Sibling Relationships at Every Age

I found out I was pregnant with Keogena a week before Oshiolema’s first birthday. They’re exactly 20 months apart which means Oshiolema was very used to having me all to himself by the time she was born but also, he doesn’t remember life without her. They definitely bug each other and get on each other’s nerves daily but above all they are the very best of friends. While they don’t always act it out, they know what we expect of them as brother and sister which boils down to this: love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. Here are the ways we’ve encouraged that sweet sibling relationship from the start.

Allowing for the Pivot: Why We’re Splitting Pre-School and Homeschool

Cool kids backpack and brother and sister going to school

In December, I took the kids to the trampoline park. We wind up there often, especially after particularly challenging or exciting weeks. After wandering around the trampolines, dodgeball areas and foam pit, Lema ended up at the basketball station. He walked up next to the single file line of big boys and stood next to them.  I yelled to him, “Lema! You’ve gotta hop in line, bud!” He looked at me like he does many times throughout the day. It’s a look that says “what do you mean?” That’s when it clicked for me. My three year old has never had to stand in line before. It wasn’t a great feeling.

5 Things to Guard Against in Marriage

This is a different type of Valentines Day post. Part of me wanted to talk about Date Night or something fun like that, but after a year like we’ve had, this one felt more important. In May, O and I will celebrate 8 years of marriage. This year held cross country move, listing our home, a pregnancy and loss and transition to a job where he is only home for about 6 hours of sleep and then gone again. Needless to say, guarding our marriage was the theme of this year. We learned little things that creep in pretending to be unassuming or “normal,” but wind up being anything but. I’m so thankful to be celebrating this day because we’re all for intentionality. I pray if you’re in a season where things seem hard that these tips are a blessing to you as they were to us! 

Life Update: To Memphis We Go

Of the 7 years we lived in Virginia, we spent three springs in San Francisco, entire summers traveling from every continent but Antartica and Asia, months at a time in Canada and sprinkled in trips at least once every couple months. O and I made a goal at the start of last year to finally travel less. To say yes to putting down roots and no to frequent flyer miles. To commit to routine for the kids and not jump at every opportunity to make a trip out of something. We wanted the adventure-sure. But it was time to rest for a while. Joke was on us because we moved from Virginia to Texas 4 months later and shortly after that, learned O would be coaching for the AAF in Memphis from January-April. Bags packed. Boxes shipped. On the road again. 

Tips For When You’re Momming Solo

For the month of January, O has been in San Antonio while the babes and I are home in Dallas. Let me just place a disclaimer here to say before this month, the longest O has ever been out of town is one week. Thats right-seven days, friends. To all the single moms, military wives, NFL wives and the like shaking their heads at me-stick around! I crowd-sourced tips for systems and routines to be as productive as possible when you’re doing all.the.things.

Oshiolema turns 4.

Just like that, my fist born is four years old. He is curious and brave and bright and strong. It blows my mind that four years ago today, I was sitting there 23 hours into labor and begging this child of mine to leave my body and here we are. Four.