In My Closet

Every Day Makeup Tutorial

One of the things I most enjoy watching on YouTube is a good ‘every day makeup’ tutorial. No fancy slides, no cuts or edits- just real life, real time getting ready. My son watches one show (about 20 minutes) every morning during my daughter’s nap. I have exactly that long to get dressed and put together for the day, so I have the routine down to a science. This is the look I wear every day, which I snapped exactly one photo of before heading out the door and realized only now my nightgown was hanging in the background and my attempt at a half-smile failed royally. Real life at it’s finest! 

Shopbop Sale

I have been a huge fan of Shopbop for going on 7 years now. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a curated online only boutique carrying the top brands and pieces in the industry. They are a one-stop shop when it comes to fashion and you can find investment pieces and budget friendly pieces alike all in one place. Shop bop is having a surprise Sale on new items they’ve selected and those items are all up to 40% off…which is crazy talk!!! Because they carry such a huge variety of designer and upscale items, when they have a Sale you have a chance to get items from brands rarely ever on Sale anywhere else for much less. It’s practically stealing!

Family Holiday Photo Outfit Inspiration

It’s upon us, guys, Holiday Season. More specifically- Christmas photo season. I like white pumpkins and apple cider as much as the next girl, but I look forward to October for completely different reasons. In October, I start getting texts, phone calls and emails from friends asking what they should wear for their family photo and the stylist in me can’t help but swoon.

Friday Feels

We made it! Happy Friday! We’re one week into a new month and I just have to say, October has a way of bringing out the worst of me if I let it. I plan way too many things to “soak up the season,” I overanalyze our halloween costumes and most of all, I tend to leave behind the healthy eating and committed exercising in exchange for chili, pumpkin bread, apple cider doughnuts and chunky knits to hide behind.