In My Closet

Camera Roll Clear Out

Do you ever come across a bunch of photos on your Camera Roll that don’t necessarily need to be shared on your social media, don’t make a blog post but are definitely worthy of sharing? Here are links to some recent things I’ve worn, seen, eaten or enjoyed in the past couple weeks…straight from my iPhone camera roll.

Best Purchases of 2017

Happy New Year, friends! I so, so enjoyed the break of this past week but I’m ready to jump back in with both feet! As I enter into a new year, I always find it so important to reflect back on the tangible things that enhanced every day life the year before. I’ve found the more I do this, the less likely I am to repeat super bad decisions (I’ve yet to splurge on a one-time wear item again..I’m looking at you, neon green skirt from 2013.) Here are my absolute favorite, would-re-buy-in-a-heartbeat purchases of 2017.

Light Winter Layers

Once Thanksgiving passes, it’s pretty hard for me to not wear a sweater, scarf, and coat every day in the name of being festive. It was absolutely freezing here a few weeks ago but it looks like we’ve got a stretch of pretty mild weather…which means unless I want to really put my deodorant to work, I need to chill out on the heavy layers and stick to light ones instead. This jumpsuit and turtleneck are both on SALE for one last day today before going back to full price tomorrow!!

Every Day Makeup Tutorial

One of the things I most enjoy watching on YouTube is a good ‘every day makeup’ tutorial. No fancy slides, no cuts or edits- just real life, real time getting ready. My son watches one show (about 20 minutes) every morning during my daughter’s nap. I have exactly that long to get dressed and put together for the day, so I have the routine down to a science. This is the look I wear every day, which I snapped exactly one photo of before heading out the door and realized only now my nightgown was hanging in the background and my attempt at a half-smile failed royally. Real life at it’s finest!