In My Closet

Classics on Repeat

I’ve always favored Classic wardrobe pieces over any other. The ‘closet essentials’ tend to be the pieces I reach for over any trendy item I own which tells me to skip the crop top and choker and stick to my delicate gold necklace and simple day dresses. If I’m ever in a rut and can’t think of an exciting outfit to wear, I always know I can look pulled together in 5 minutes with this combination: denim jacket, black dress, sneakers. Works like a charm. 

Trench + Spring Top

 It’s our last Spring in Virginia and honestly, I think the whole state is punishing us with unpredictable weather. Within a few days, we had sunshine and sundress weather, full on snow gear weather and light jacket weather. And thats okay! It was the last big tantrum of winter so now let’s make it official. Spring is here.

Spring Wardrobe Update

One of my favorite things about traveling is soaking up the inspiration of a new environment. Our hotel, The Avalon Hotel Beverly Hills had the coolest painted nooks in the pool area and I instantly saw the perfect summer wardrobe painted up there on those walls.

Camera Roll Clear Out

Do you ever come across a bunch of photos on your Camera Roll that don’t necessarily need to be shared on your social media, don’t make a blog post but are definitely worthy of sharing? Here are links to some recent things I’ve worn, seen, eaten or enjoyed in the past couple weeks…straight from my iPhone camera roll.