In My Suitcase

Muir Woods Forest

We’re diving back into our family trip to California today and talking about our time exploring Muir Woods Forest. Being the homeschooling mom I am, I caught myself trying to make everything a learning opportunity and of course jumped at the change to put our knowledge of seeds, plants, and growing things to work.

A Weekend in Marin

We had the best time in California last month! I say last month when we actually haven’t even been home for a full week yet but it always feels like a lifetime ago once I’ve settled back into real life. While O lived in California for 5 years of college and I lived there for three years of high school and through college as well, we always say one thing we regret about our time there is missing out on all that was right at our fingertips. When you live in northern California like we did, you’re within 3 hours of many places people travel from all across the world to visit! Marin was one of those places we never crossed the Golden Gate Bridge to see and I was thrilled a dear friend’s wedding gave us a reason to go. As usual, this post is far too long with way too many pictures but if that’s your thing- lets do this! 

10 Not-So-Obvious Items I Pack for Every Trip

best things to pack for traveling with kids

I love packing. I’d actually consider packing a hobby of mine, as strange as that sounds. I see it as a styling job-a “10 day capsule wardrobe” and a fun challenge to narrow down our genuine essentials for a certain time period. While there are obvious things that always make it into the suitcase, here are the 10 not-so-obvious items that I’ll never leave behind. 

A Day at Magnolia Market

Magnolia Market Waco

Last week I packed the car up with snacks, the babes and our little potty to make the two hour drive to Waco. I still am shocked every time we exit the highway and almost immediately see the Magnolia chaos. My parents met at Baylor University (Chip and Joanna’s alma mater and the only other draw to Waco) so we spent lots of time there growing up. When I say there was nothing there, I genuinely mean nothing. Looking around to see the city full out tourists- people who actually chose to travel to this little Texas town-it gets me every time. What a gift the Gaines family has given the wonderful city of Waco!

The Makeup + Skincare I Never Travel Without

We’ve done our fair share of traveling this summer and I often reach for the same things to pack in my makeup + toiletry bags. With outfits I can be risky and try new things but with my skincare and makeup, I always stick to my tried and true favorites. Many of these are items I’ve been using for years so you can see some in action in my makeup tutorial video from last year right here. Aside from my skincare, favorite concealer and eyebrow product, here are the things that never get left behind: