On My Mind

August Favorites

August was wonderful and beautiful and heartbreaking and confusing. Last week, my niece was born stillborn at 37 weeks gestation. Eden Jane’s story is not mine to tell- that belongs to her mommy and daddy.  I will say this-She was healthy and strong until one day her heart just stopped beating and we’ve been grieving and mourning since. She is so loved and we look forward to the day when we’re together again. Her life has spurred a deep desire in me to cling to the Lord in ways I haven’t before and I’m thankful for the ways He draws us near. The theme of August was traveling and enjoying family so here’s what I loved wearing, watching, listening to, eating and doing this month.

Waiting on a Miracle

I had another travel post scheduled for today but after some events in the last 48 hours I’m just not able to hit publish. Instead, I’d love for you to take a moment to pray for a miracle. I can’t wait to report back next week with how God has moved.

When Seasons Don’t Change

Here in Canada there are already dry leaves on the ground in shades of pink. It’s very much still summer (we’ll be at the beach all day as you read this,) but Fall is coming and everyone feels it. Despite the fact that the phrase “Back to School” hasn’t applied to me since 2013, I still get that rush of inspiration when September comes around the corner. I want to sharpen my pencils and schedule each day in my planner and set brand new goals that I really mean this time. Here’s the thing: Just because the calendar and weather say the season has changed doesn’t mean my season has changed. 

Homeschool, Preschool or Both?

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Oshiolema wrapped up his first year of homeschool (Preschool) this summer and it’s just about that time to start things up again. O and I spent weeks on end evaluating our schooling strategy for this year but after much deliberation, we’ve come up with a plan that we have peace with and the kids are thrilled about so keep reading to find out what we settled on. 

The July Recap (Welcome Back!)

Hi, friends! What a wonderful summer it’s been thus far! As much as I enjoyed every minute of the blog break, I must say it truly solidified just how much I enjoy creating content. Sharing through words, mood boards and photos is a passion gifted to me and I’m grateful for this community and the ability to do what I love. Hopefully you were able to keep up over on social media but if not, don’t worry. Grab whatever sounds most delicious right now (lemonade? iced coffee? a stack of pancakes?) and settle in for a nice long update on what I ate, wore, read, listened to and watched in July. 

The Summer Summary

It’s the last blog post for the next five weeks so I made it a meaty one! I figured I’d share thoughts and updates addressing each section of my blog from clothing and homeschool to food and fitness. Grab a cup of tea-it’s a big one.