On My Mind

Hi friends! Happy Friday! What a whirlwind week it was. Between daylight savings and wrapping up a new project, the days seemed to fly by. I’m working with a deadline for the first time since college and I’ve gotta say, that feeling is not my favorite. 

A Day in the Life: Jaclyn Gibson

I couldn’t be more thrilled about today’s ‘A Day in the Life’ feature because not only my guest incredibly beautiful, charming and talented, she’s also my little sister! Jackie has always been a wizard when it comes to anything creative, but when she picked up that camera it was pure magic and she’s been living the dream ever since. She graduated with a degree in Photography last year but has been the proud owner of Jackie Michelle Photography for nearly five years now. Jackie lives with her husband Seth and their sweet dog King in Coronado, California (a.k.a way too far from me) and I so hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into a day in her life.

Friday Feels

Hi, Friends! We arrived home on Tuesday and have squeezed so much into this week it feels like we’ve already been in Virginia for a month. As you can imagine, my life has looked a little bit like this: laundry, folding, decluttering, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning up cooking mess and work. That’s pretty much what my life looks like all the time but the level of laundry and organizing after being gone for an entire month is UNREAL. Unreal, guys. 

When You Don’t Belong

I’ve cracked the code on how to make the post-vacation blues more bearable: offspring. I cannot wait to squeeze my babies!! We are headed back to Dallas today after a completely rejuvenating weekend in Los Angeles and while yes it was stunning, we rested, we slept in, we indulged, we laughed, we dated, we did it all; I wanted to share something on my heart.