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5 Ways to Maximize Productivity at Work

how to have the most productive work day as a stay at home mom

I used to be so excited to have alone time that I saw it as just that- alone time. But the thing is, dedicated work hours aren’t “me time.” The hours are accounted for. If I’m going to leave my kids, pay someone to care for them, get gussied up and leave the house then it’s not time to recline with a podcast and a snack. Its time to tackle the to-do list. Here are my tips to maximize that work time, even if you only have one hour to get it done.

Life Lately

minimal wardrobe walking down stairs

Happy March, friends! I mentioned in this post that I’d be taking the entire month of February off of social media and explained why. I had this nagging desire for a while but it felt equal parts irresponsible and selfish for some reason. As much as I tried to ignore it, that conviction wouldn’t go away so I decided it was must be necessary. Reflecting back on the beautiful month of February, that word “necessary” doesn’t even come close. I do have to say, it felt strange not posting little snippets to stories every day so it’s time for a proper catch-up. Here’s what I’ve been reading, eating, watching, enjoying, wearing and doing this past month! 

Life Imitates the Weather.

little girl in rainboots

People say ‘life imitates art.’ I’m starting to believe life imitates the weather. The older I get, the more I notice changing seasons in my life often match up with changing seasons in nature. Since we’ve moved to beautiful Tennessee the grey skies have offered us an almost steady supply of rain. The winds have whipped and the temperatures stayed low enough to keep us inside most days. It’s felt like an isolated little winter both outside and in.

Twenty Nine.

When you read this, I will be freshly 29 years old. One day into my first steps of the last years of my twenties and let me say, I have many thoughts about it. Like, for starters, why does the word “twenty” sound so young and thirty song so much older? I’m not talking at all about the age. Push that out of your mind. Just the word itself coming out of your mouth—twenty. It sounds fresh. Crisp. Lemongrass and poppies and maybe some gingersnaps. It sounds like the color yellow.

Valentines This or That

I’m here with a friendly reminder that Valentines Day is less than two weeks away!

Working Out When You Can’t Get to the Gym

best at home workouts

It’s January. The time of year where everyone digs out their fitbits and dusts off their sports bras to stick to those resolutions. Ahhh the resolutions. We mustn’t let them down! The thing is this–getting to the gym isn’t always possible. Our gym doesn’t have childcare and in this new season of life, O is gone before the sun comes up and isn’t home til’ it’s back down. I have two toddlers, a small window of time to get a workout in and a goal to break a sweat every day. What’s a girl to do? Utilize what you’ve got!