On My Mind

Some Thoughts

There’s been no glamour here lately. No makeup and no fancy outfits. No adventures and no excursions. I’ve done all but prop my eyes open with toothpicks at the end of the day to keep pushing through the to-do list and sleep has never, ever felt better. I will say, I’ll never forget the memories we’ve made these past few weeks while packing up this house. It’s pure chaos, for sure. But the four of us in the home that started it all has felt like the sweetest gift.

Today marks day one of loading up the moving truck. We spent the weekend packing up a storm and doing little else, aside from a beautiful going away party Saturday evening and the sweetest Mother’s day yet. I’m looking forward to this final stretch of everything moving entails and finally arriving to our new life in Texas.

Here’s to a new week– our last week in Virginia.

Verse to Live by

We’re in the age of social-media and treading uncharted waters. It felt fun and exciting at first, but my legs are getting tired and the water is getting deeper. Everyone is putting on a brave face, but I know this is dangerous.

Friday Feels

Happy Friday! It’s the last Friday in April. How. how. how? A few weeks ago, both my in-laws and my mom asked if we wanted help packing. I genuinely thought “I selfishly just want to see you so please come, but we don’t need help.” No statement ever spoken has been more false than that one. O’s cousin and parents arrived last weekend and after an entire week of unloading the storage room with three extra sets of hands, I can’t wrap my head around doing this whole moving thing without their help. My in-laws and cousin leave today, but by this time next week my mom will be here and all will be well in the world again. Moving is a marathon, not a sprint…and in this case i’m declaring it a relay!