On My Mind

Friday Feels

Happy Friday, Friends! This month is a wild one. Real wild. My brother gets married next weekend, and my sister moves from California to Texas next week so it’s exciting and busy and wonderful as can be. Also, it just needed to be noted that I’ve made the 5 ingredient vegan, grain-free chocolate chip cookies from this cookbook twice this week. And more importantly, I gave my kids ice cream and cookies for no reason at all. Who am I???

Here’s what caught my eye this week:

The Yellow Victorian

I went to visit my midwives today. It was time to face the appointment I’d slyly pushed back week after week. I don’t feel sad most days, I really don’t. But I knew these walls would stir it all up and what I want to hide would seep out in a mess I couldn’t clean up fast enough.

Friday Feels

This week FLEW by. I can’t believe it’s already Friday but I’m certainly not complaining! This week was the first full 7 days of being back in our regular day-to-day routine and that always feels so good. Tomorrow my sisters and I head to the lake to celebrate our (very, very soon-to-be) sister in law’s bachelorette! In honor of that, today’s Friday Feels roundup will be all things bridal gifting.

Lets Talk About Toddler Talk

Oshiolema is a really smart kid. Super smart, actually. He started asking questions at 21 months and has grown more curious by the day! But as his vocabulary grew, it seemed that his annunciation stayed the same. And now, at 3.5 years old, he has a few speech struggles we’re working to address. My question is, what age is the right age to address speech?