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Ultimate Newborn Essentials: 0-3 Months

Zeameh turned four months old last week and that officially closes the chapter on the ‘fourth trimester.’ The newborn phase can be straight up hard. There is no magic product on Amazon Prime to change that fact, but there are a few products that make it easier, sweeter and more comfortable. (I should also say-more cute.) After going through the newborn experience three times in the past five and a half years, these are my newborn MVP’s.

A Hashimoto’s Update: Why I’m off my Medication, Changing my Diet and How to Handle a Postpartum Flare

Postpartum with Hashimoto's.

I’ve shared a bit here and there that my thyroid has gone a bit haywire. I was warned about postpartum with Hashimoto’s but I still didn’t expect it to be quite so challenging. The situation wasn’t helped at all by me accidentally taking the wrong dose of medication for five months. I hope you have your warm drink of choice in hand and, for my sake, a bread of some sort. Any sort. Let’s dive in to the full thyroid update, shall we?

I started to feel pretty depleted towards the end of my pregnancy which is obviously to be expected. The clash of the new postpartum and breastfeeding hormones coupled with my body fighting Covid made for an epic battle I felt every single bit of. I had bloodwork done just before I hit 3 months postpartum and it revealed my numbers are through the roof. I’ve swayed from hypothyroidism to hyperthyroidism which explains the new symptoms.

If I weren’t breastfeeding, I’d ideally do a liver detox right away. Detoxing isn’t safe while nursing since all the toxins would go right to the baby so I’m on a strict supplement and vitamin regimen instead. If anyone else is battling a flare right now, I’m here to encourage you to take care of yourself as best as possible. The hard work is worth it because your health is more than worth it. 

Current Symptoms: I’m in a flare so my symptoms are intense and lengthy. Before my third trimester, I didn’t have even half of these symptoms which is encouraging. I know I’ll get back to that place. For now, I have IBS-like symptoms, Muscle inflammation, arthritic symptoms in my back and joints, brain fog, intense bloating and cramping pains, mood swings, pretty rapid hair loss and exhaustion.

Medication: I mentioned this earlier and it’s a long story, but it ends in me taking double of one of my medications every single morning for five months. I can’t even imagine how I made a mistake so severe, but I’m left with a body that needs a break from medication for a while. My thyroid doctor took me off both Levo and my Unithroid until my bloodwork reveals my thyroid is ready to be treated with medication again.

Diet Changes: Zeameh has had a few interesting digestive and skin issues since she was born. Everything really ramped up around the 3 month mark and resulted in about 4 trips to the pediatrician in one week and countless other appointments to manage her digestion, eczema and rash. O and I have been through this before so we requested she have blood drawn for an allergy test. In the end, it turns out she is allergic to egg (an allergy she’ll likely grow out of like Oshiolema did.) This means I have had to drastically change my diet over the past three weeks since we got the results. As someone who eats a strict paleo diet, eggs are a staple in nearly all my foods. It’s been an adjustment for sure and I often end the day feeling like I didn’t eat enough as I’m in the transition phase. I’m doing the best I can to nourish my body and will continue to retrain my taste buds here in this place. When I breastfed Oshiolema, I couldn’t have eggs, nuts, soy, gluten, or dairy which is my same diet now- except back then I could have grains and legumes. The addition of oats, corn, rice, quinoa and beans made all the difference in the world and I’m looking forward to attempting to reintroduce eggs when she’s about 8 months old.

I am, as always, working closely with my Nutritionist and Endocrinologist to manage my healing. My body is working overtime because I’m exclusively breastfeeding so I could never do this without their help. My short term goals are to get as much rest as possible while still staying on top of my responsibilities, getting exercise back into weekly routine and calming down the flare.

I look forward to doing another update very soon where I hope I’m able to report miraculous, swift healing. In the meantime, I’m keeping my eye on the goal and doing my best to stay positive right where I am. If you’re battling Hashimoto’s, I’d love to answer any questions in the comments. We’ll fight through this, friends.

Our Favorite Recent Purchases for the Whole Family

It has certainly been a different type of Autumn and while the pandemic has changed my typical Fall purchases, there have still been a few new additions I’m so excited about. Whether it be a toy that makes outdoor get together’s extra fun for the kids, a pair of sunglasses that is less than $20 but looks quadruple the price or a plant-based, natural candy that we keep on hand at all times-there’s something for everyone in today’s post. 

6 Products That Will Convince You to Switch to Clean Skincare

best natural non-toxic skincare products

When I made the cold-turkey switch to natural skincare and makeup, I felt overwhelmed and also a but jipped. I spent my entire adult life trying to hone-in on the exact right products for my unique and pretty unfortunate mixture of super dry + super sensitive skin. I felt like a thirteen year old starting from ground zero again and let me tell you–that’s not a good feeling. Over the years I have spent far too much time and resources to try out just about everything on the market and I have never loved my skincare routine more. Here are the six products that will win you over.

The Essential Tools for Blogging

Last week, I hit three years of blogging here at Gold & Graphite–11 years blogging total which is absolutely wild. I’ve had so many fantastic moments in this space so far and I’m looking forward to watching it continue to grow. I am certainly not an expert but I am often asked the tools I find essential to blogging so today, I’m sharing every single one. 

Lets Talk Diapers.

When Seventh Generation reached out to talk about their diaper campaign I was thrilled. It couldn’t have been a more natural partnership since I have used their diapers since Zeameh was two weeks old and recommend them to everyone I know! If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you know I try to keep things as natural as possible in our home. This is a no-brainer when it comes to baby products, but friends, that can be just plain hard sometimes. Committing to saying no to unnecessary toxins in my children’s playroom and wardrobe isn’t always easy, but thankfully Seventh Generation has made choosing a safe diaper delightful.