On My Mind

The Summer Summary

It’s the last blog post for the next five weeks so I made it a meaty one! I figured I’d share thoughts and updates addressing each section of my blog from clothing and homeschool to food and fitness. Grab a cup of tea-it’s a big one.

Strategizing Summer Spending

Summer is the season of endless possibility, and I don’t know about you but the older I get, the more I realize summer can quickly become the season of endless spending. When the days are empty there can be a temptation to fill them with new things, and more food and before you know it, you’re in a spending frenzy with no end in sight. O and I sat down to plan a summer spending strategy last week and here’s what we came up with.

May Favorites + Summer Schedule

Last month was a whirlwind of travel and celebration. With Mother’s Day, my baby sister’s wedding, our 8th wedding anniversary and a trip to California we are just now catching our breath. In hectic months I use so many different products that when I reach for the same ones over and over I know I’ve found a winner. Read on for my favorite grain/refined sugar/dairy free brownies, the jeans I can’t stop wearing, more favorites and my summer blog schedule! 

For Your Heart on Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. What does Mother’s Day stir up in you? Before becoming a mother myself, it only sparked joy. Well, that “only” doesn’t include those awful teenage years where I felt apathetic at my best and distaste at my worst towards my own mom. Aside from those ugly years, this Sunday on the calendar always makes me smile. The mothers in my life and the children that made me a mother myself overwhelm me with gratitude for God’s kindness, but this is the first Mothers Day approaching with a tinge of sadness. Last Mothers Day, I was pregnant with our third baby. This Mothers Day, that baby is in heaven and I’m still not sure when another child will call me Mama again.

A Day in the Life: Laura Wifler

I am so thrilled about today’s Day in the Life post! It only felt fitting that the week of Mother’s Day we’d get a peek into the lives of of one half of the Risen Motherhood team. I discovered the Risen Motherhood podcast when I was knee deep in the baby stages with my littles and have looked forward to new episodes every Wednesday morning since. If you’re a mom and you’ve asked me for a resource of any kind,  there’s a 100% chance I sent you to RM. The gospel is at the core of every essay, podcast episode, and social media post and on top of that, Laura is just plain lovely. Enjoy!