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My All Natural Non-Toxic Makeup Routine

Last September I realized I had to make some pretty significant changes in reducing my exposure to toxins in my life to heal my autoimmune disease. While the toxins found in most beauty products are dangerous for everyone, they’re especially harmful for someone like me with Hashimoto’s because the endocrine-disrupting chemicals can quickly cause estrogen dominance with directly affects the thyroid, immune system and adrenals. After reading Dr. Izabella Wentz’s book Hashimoto’s Protocol I made a commitment to completely overhaul my makeup routine. If you’re looking to do an overhaul of your makeup collection or just to replace a few products AND if you want to know the non-natural makeup product I just cant quit, keep reading!

2019 Gift Guide: For Her

Here we are, friends. The most fun and most intense gift guide of every year is here- the gift guide for your mother, sister, best friend…self? I wanted to think of everything for this guide and reading below is going to be crucial for your gifting experience. Remember, come back on Black Friday to see the discount on these items before purchasing if you’re not in a rush. Let’s dive in.

2019 Gift Guide: For the Littles [Boys + Girls]

I decided I wanted to do things a little differently this year! Instead of waiting until December to release my gift guides, I wanted to be sure you had every guide at your fingertips in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I finish 99% of my Christmas shopping by that time and rarely purchase a thing once December comes so I hope this is more helpful for you guys too. Save these and make a note or reminder to come back to Gold and Graphite on Black Friday to shop these guides, Deal? Okay- let’s get into it!

How to Keep it Together Through the End of the Year

It’s November. Dangerously close to “mid-November.” My kids have exactly 10 days of away school left before Christmas break (they go on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and the calendar is filling up faster than I remember in years past. Friendsgiving, End of year content planning, cookie decorating parties, gingerbread house competitions, gathering after gathering and tradition after tradition are all ahead of us and real life still calls for our attention in the meantime. Here are some things I’m being mindful to do between now and the New Year to stay focused.

October Favorites

October was over just as quickly as it came but man was it a wonderful month! The homeschool-preschool schedule has really become routine, I grew in friendship and fellowship with my group in Women’s Bible Study at church, O and I took a quick solo trip to New York, we had the best Halloween ever with family and it was actually real life cold here in Texas. I mean 30 degrees cold, none of that “55 is freezing” business. Let’s dive in! 

Q & A: Marriage

Last week, I rounded up some questions I’ve gotten on Instagram around the topic of marriage. I chose the questions that were asked most frequently and also some unique ones I found interesting.  You know how it goes with these posts, friends. Come back when you have a cup of coffee in hand and some time to spare because there are a whooole lot of words coming after the jump.