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April Favorites

No matter where you’re reading this from in the world, I can guarantee April didn’t quite go to plan. We’re still in the midst of the global pandemic Covid-19 and we’re all Sheltering-In-Place AKA staying home. All the time. For weeks on end. I’m also very pregnant (37 weeks this week!) so that is a factor as well. Here are the things I used most, found most helpful and enjoyable and was most grateful for this past month excluding this beautiful, fancy Dalgona coffee because I just couldn’t get on board. I tried my best!

Posts to Enjoy During Another Week at Home

Another week has come and gone. While the days are feeling shockingly fast lately, they are also filled with many strings of ups and downs and a weight most of us aren’t used to carrying for such a sustained period of time. Decision fatigue has likely set in as we’re faced with more choices a day than ever (Do we watch the news or read instead? Do we let the kids veg out with a show or engage in family time? What’s for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner x10,000?) I’ve gathered some past posts that I hope you find helpful or at the very least entertaining as we enter another week at home. 

Spring Break in 30A

30A had been on my “dream trip” list for years before we finally decided to make it happen two weeks ago. I’d been to Destin, Florida many times but had never visited the little strip of beach just above it and we decided a road trip to the Sunshine State for our last family trip before the baby comes would be a Spring Break dream. Looking back on these photos even just one week later I realize how different everything is. In the midst of the global pandemic Covid-19 and under strict rules to stay home I’m just so grateful we had this sweet little trip to the beach. I’ll never forget it.

Let’s Talk Varicose Veins

I’ve mentioned my varicose veins many times on the blog and social media but with this pregnancy, these bulging veins have reached new levels. If you’re dealing with varicose veins as well, if you’re curious what to do should they arise at any point in your pregnancy or if you’re just curious what it’s like to have spider or varicose veins, this one is for you.

February Favorites Video

Here we are, friends! The first monthly installment of my favorites videos is live and I’m giddy about the fact that I’m jumping into video with both feet. The sound quality is pretty poor, it’s not edited all fancy and I’ve got some work to do but man does it feel good to just start something new-even if it’s imperfect. You can find everything I discuss in the video in the description box below it right here.