On My Mind

Why We Chose to Homeschool

It’s such a strange thing to type, “we chose to homeschool.” Have you ever stumbled into a life you’d never choose for yourself but know beyond the shadow of a doubt it’s what’s right for you, right now? That’s where I find myself. I still wouldn’t be able to say I “chose” to homeschool, but I can say this with full confidence: I have been called to homeschool this year and I’m going to offer my desires, ideals and fears up every day to see what the Lord has in store through this year with my guy.

Fretful Wife

The other night, as O and I stood at our sinks brushing our teeth I was listening to my Bible. As the app switched to Proverbs 21, I was wiping toothpaste from the corners of my mouth when I heard “it is better to live in a desert land than with a quarrelsome…”

Friday Feels

Happy Friday, Friends! Wedding weekend is HERE! My brother gets married tomorrow and my soon to be sister-in-law is the most perfect person on the planet for him. We’ve known her our whole lives and yet because of the age gap, they never even had a conversation. He’d hang out with her older brothers and we were best friends with all their cousins, traveling to Dallas every summer for long visits. Two years ago, our moms (friends since their 20’s) suggested they go on a date and here we are! (That’s me, third from the left.)

Friday Feels

Happy Friday, Friends! This month is a wild one. Real wild. My brother gets married next weekend, and my sister moves from California to Texas next week so it’s exciting and busy and wonderful as can be. Also, it just needed to be noted that I’ve made the 5 ingredient vegan, grain-free chocolate chip cookies from this cookbook twice this week. And more importantly, I gave my kids ice cream and cookies for no reason at all. Who am I???

Here’s what caught my eye this week: