On My Plate

My Go-To Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Baking is something I have enjoyed since before I can even remember. We had a little TV in our kitchen growing up and whenever my mom would leave the room and Seinfeld or Oprah or the News was on, I’d risk carpal-tunnel to press that teeny channel up button on the side of the television until I finally reached Food Network. It was usually the Barefoot Contessa baking something so out of reach and so stunningly beautiful I just couldn’t resist trying to make it myself. I’ve been baking ever since- often not even taking a bite and giving it all away because I enjoy it that much! I was thrown a curve ball, however, when my husband decided to become a vegan two years ago.

Satisfying the Pumpkin Craving

It’s fall, supposedly, and while I’m currently sporting a sweat mustache in Dallas where summer just won’t quit, I’ve already had a taste of sweet Autumn back home in Virginia. Once that crisp air hits, friends, you can’t tell me its not fall. And whether you’re on board with pumpkin or not, fall means all things pumpkin in my book.