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It’s upon us, guys, Holiday Season. More specifically- Christmas photo season. I like white pumpkins and apple cider as much as the next girl, but I look forward to October for completely different reasons. In October, I start getting texts, phone calls and emails from friends asking what they should wear for their family photo and the stylist in me can’t help but swoon.

I’m one of 7 kids- we’re spread between five cities and between us, we have three spouses and four kids. Gathering all of us together is pretty much impossible, but two weeks ago we made magic. We all stood next to each other in real life and snapped as fast as the camera shutter could go to get everyone looking genuinely joyful and not like we had to wake up at 6am to get the photo before my little brother had to head to his art show. All of that to say this: if you haven’t started thinking about it, fear not. I’m here.

I’ve got four family outfit ideas depending on your style, photo location and season of life (two flowy dresses if you’re postpartum, two waist-defining outfits if you want to show off all of summer’s hard work before packing on the halloween candy/thanksgiving dinner/christmas morning french toast weight.) And lets be honest, while the Christmas photo is all about the kids, the person one I’m looking at when choosing the final winner is me. Because they could be upside down and crying and still look cute. Me? I need the perfect outfit and perfect angle and all the help that I can get. So I’ve added lots of holiday card outfits just for you based on each outfit’s mood.

Look 1: Earthy & Effortless

mom: hat, dress, shoes. baby sister: bow, romper, moccasins. big brother: sweater, pants. dad: sweater, jeans, shoes.

If you’re shooting in an open field or somewhere really outdoorsy, this look is wonderful for you. I love how casual and natural this look feels while still looking pulled together. That dress is pretty pricey, but it’s stunning and so flattering- especially since it will thrive in every season. You can find other dresses and shoes that will plug into this look perfectly (while this combination gets all the praise hands.)

Look 2: Classic & Cool

mom: dress, booties. big brother: sweater, overalls, converse. baby sister: bow, dress, ballerinas. dad: jacket. pants. converse.

If you want to look fantastic but also have a more casual vibe to your family photo, this is your look. I love the idea of a flowy maxi dress because the last thing you need in a situation where you’re bribing babies with puffs and trying to hide stress sweat is a body-con dress. Having the boys in white converse is a no brainer to look cool while still looking put together and handsome. I’ve added a few other fall and winter maxi dresses that would fit right into this look.

Look 3: Dressy and Dapper

mom: earrings, turtleneck, trousers, pumps. baby sister: bonnet, rompersocks moccasins, big brother: shirt, pants, shoes. dad: shirt, pants, boots.

This look is for the city girl. If you’re wanting to shoot inside, in a studio, outside in a city surrounding or really anywhere with walls, this is for you. I am a sucker for army green and while it certainly gives a nod to Christmas, pairing it with grey makes it feel really updated. I love the idea of a turtleneck with high waisted trousers because there are few things more flattering than this combination and when I’m wearing something I know is flattering off the bat, confidence shines through a whole lot more.

These pants are an investment but they come out with new colors every year and I’ve had the cream version of these exact pants for 6 years. They’re still a go-to every year and are in perfect condition! The earrings will really add a pretty sparkle and I picture this look with hair low and back or up in a pretty ponytail to show off the ear candy and turtleneck. Below, you can find a few other options I feel fit this look and are perfect for a Christmas card.

Look 4: Fancy & Festive

mom: earrings, top,skirt, shoes(under $100!). big brother: jacket, jeans, shoes. baby sister: bow, dress, ballerinas. dad: blazer, jeans, boots.

If you’re a traditionalist, this is your look. I just want to go ahead and say- that skirt is $41 and is such a no brainer for a flattering, fool-proof look. A white shirt and a high waisted skirt is a combination you really cannot go wrong with- there are no bad angles in this outfit! Again, I added grey rather than black to make the traditional holiday outfit updated and fresh. Can we just talk about father and son both in charcoal blazers? Because it’s melting me.

My final tips for family Christmas cards are to just keep your face on point. We spend so much time trying to get the kids to look and smile that often, we’re talking or looking away for the majority of the photos. Just be natural, have a good time and bring all.the.snacks. (dry snacks…no sticky candy or melty chocolate!)

If you grab anything from this post- whether it be a skirt, dress, hat, shoes, or color palette inspiration- please send a photo my way! I absolutely love this process. We’re shooting our Christmas card the first week of November and my goal is to get them out by the last week of November. Really, my goal is just to not have them still sitting on my desk on New Years Eve.











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