Friday Feels

This week FLEW by. I can’t believe it’s already Friday but I’m certainly not complaining! This week was the first full 7 days of being back in our regular day-to-day routine and that always feels so good. Tomorrow my sisters and I head to the lake to celebrate our (very, very soon-to-be) sister in law’s bachelorette! In honor of that, today’s Friday Feels roundup will be all things bridal gifting.

My Daily Smoothie Secret Weapons

I have a smoothie every single day (as many of you know!) and I try sneak as many heavy hitters in there as possible. Every time I share a smoothie recipe on Instastories, I get asked so many questions about why I add certain ingredients into my smoothie. Each powder and potion in my smoothie is tailored to me and what I need from it, but each ingredient benefits literally everyone on the planet! Since switching my diet to plant based a year ago I’ve found smoothies to be the easiest way to get all the nutrients I need in a meal in a single glass.

Lets Talk About Toddler Talk

Oshiolema is a really smart kid. Super smart, actually. He started asking questions at 21 months and has grown more curious by the day! But as his vocabulary grew, it seemed that his annunciation stayed the same. And now, at 3.5 years old, he has a few speech struggles we’re working to address. My question is, what age is the right age to address speech?

Our Trip to Lake Travis

Every summer growing up, my family and our dearest friends would head up north to Green Lake, Wisconsin. It was the highlight of our summer year after year and is one of the strongest, most vivid memories I have of my childhood. The night before the trip, our house would be bustling with guests-the kids giddy with excitement and far too excited to sleep. The adults would be in the kitchen, laughing and reminiscing while packing up cooler after cooler with more sandwiches than you could ever imagine. The next morning we’d all circle up in the driveway to pray for our travels and for the week at the lake, and off we went.