The Gold & Graphite Etsy Shop is LIVE!

Friends, I’m so excited to announce my Etsy Shop, Gold & Graphite Goods, is live! I’ve said every year I’d love to have a shop and yet every year I just said there wasn’t enough time. I learned this year that I’ll never find spare time, I had to make time. I gave up many things (mostly sleep) to borrow time to make this happen. Before I say anything else, I just want to say thank you. Thank you so much for your encouragement and support. Thank you to those of you who have ordered custom commissioned prints for the past few years. Thank you for putting up with me saying “hopefully” and “eventually” year after year. Thank you to my incredible husband for telling me every day that I can do this and helping to make it happen. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. Truly overwhelmed.

November Favorites

1. I’ve watched the Great British Bake Off for years now and I can’t believe I’m saying this but Season 6 on Netflix was my favorite! I’m a bit of a purist and once the original crew left I thought I’d be done with the show. Season 5 wasn’t my favorite so my hunch seemed to be correct, but friends. Don’t give up! Season 6 was pure delight.

2. You know I’m loyal to Essie’s shades Ballet Slippers and Ladylike, but I saw Petal Pushers at the store the other day and somehow, it came home with me. It’s a grayish blue and I’ve never been asked “what nail polish are you wearing?” more in my life!

3. A speed drying top coat has been life changing. Dramatic, yes. True? yes. I rarely ever get manicures but in the wintertime I feel more put together with nail polish on but who has time to sit there and let nailpolish dry? Also, no matter how early I painted my nails, I’d somehow wake up the next morning with wrinkled sheets printed into the nail polish. Now, I quickly paint my nails right when I wake up before quiet time or right before leaving the house, put on a speed dry top-coat and i’m set. I’ve yet to have a single smudge or chip since using this. I use a different brand but I know Essie is the best of the best.

4. I read the book None Like Him in a two day span. It opened my eyes to areas I didn’t realize my heart needed to change in. Jen Wilkin is absolutely brilliant and the way she dives into the Word encourages me to do the same time and time again.

5. | 6. These two items, the collagen peptides and bone broth were phase 1 implemented by my nutritionist to begin healing my gut and helping to put my Hashimoto’s in remission. After going plant-based last summer, I had no intention whatsoever of implementing animal products back into my life (aside from the eggs we’ve eaten all along.) There are countless health benefits to both, namely healing the body from the inside out with their gut-healing and inflammatory properties. I’ve gotta say, this particular bone broth is not my favorite but I drink a cup of it warmed off and plain right now so I guess it’s not going to be pleasant either way! The collagen, however, is completely tasteless. I usually add it to my morning smoothie, but most people make a sort of latte by blending it into their coffee and if I were doing coffee right now, that’s for sure be my method. I’m so grateful to be on the right track to healing.

7. If you follow me on Instagram, you’re no stranger to these shoes. I bought them in two colors because they’re that comfortable and that great an addition to my closet. For all my fellow size 12 shoe ladies, these are a WIN. Not a 12 but really a 10, a legit 12. I talked more about them here but I just had to recommend them one more time for whoever wants to be fancy for this Holiday season without wearing six inch heels.

8. It’s pajama season!!! No shame in my game. I wear vintage style pajamas all winter long because it makes me feel like I’m in a movie and for that I’ll be forever loyal. I rotate through quite the plaid pajama collection all weekend and on cozy mornings when I can bear to pry my body from my robe.

9. My sweet neighbor in Virginia gifted me some Chamomile Lavender Paromi Tea when I was having a hard time sleeping in my pregnancy. I’ve had a lot of tea in my day but friends, this is my absolute favorite. The tea bags feel so special and the aroma coming from a single tea cup is enough to soothe you right to sleep! I also love their Chai and Sleepytime Tea too.

I’m so, so excited to welcome December this weekend, but reflecting on November I can see now just how wonderful it really was.

Our Day in San Francisco

I’ve shared before how special San Francisco is to O and I and we’ve had many special trips back since leaving our time there, but being there with both our kids takes the cake. We spent most of our time in California based in Menlo Park which makes for the perfect home base if you’re going the Airbnb route. As much as we love the city, when we have the kids we always skip the hotel in California and stay just outside of it. Things tend to be homier and much less expensive when you get out of that city zip code!

Best Black Friday Investments + Favorite Sales

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend, friends! I hope you had a beautiful day with the ones you loved reflecting on what you’re most grateful for. I know you’re being bombarded with all things Black Friday but this is the time of year I get all my gifts taken care of as well as any investment items we need for ourselves, the kids or our home. There are many, many fantastic sales today but here are links to my personal favorites as well as my favorite items for each! 

Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

(click any item above to shop!)

Creating a gift guide for “her” is the most fun, but also the most difficult. Who exactly is this lady? A new mom? A teacher? An artist? A globe trotter? The goal with these items is to be delightful and special to every woman across the board. When I give gifts I love making a theme to group things together. If the theme is rest, I’ll box up a dreamy pajama set and a sleep mask or bath salts, a candle and matches. If the theme is peace I’ll gift a journal and some tea and a mug or a bible and special pens. Gifts are my love language so I gift as I’d love to receive!

Christmas Gift Guide: For the Littles

I’m sure you’re seeing gift guide after gift guide right now. The thing is, I’ve wanted to have my own magazine ever since I can remember. Flipping through the pages of my mom’s magazines as a little girl I was amazed by each layout, color choice and font decision. I started making my own mood boards armed with scissors and glue and have kept pin boards of inspiration in elementary school and still pull one together every chance I get! These gift guides are always a way for me to express a passion of mine- curating and collecting in hopes of inspiring.