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After Years of Perfecting, This is the Non-Toxic Skincare Routine I Swear By

When I started learning about my autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s, nearly four years ago the skincare piece was almost the most daunting. I had loved skincare and makeup and gotten the perfect routine down, not to mention quite the collection and literally gave it all away. Every single thing. Once I learned how crucial clean skincare was for my health, it was my top priority to do this immediately and do it well. I’m happy to have been the guinea pig over the years trying out product after product and now, in year four, I’m so proud to present my dream team.

My Recent Purchase List: From Amazon Art to Acne Cream

Between the typical Fall Wardrobe shifting and the last minute move (where we had to leave just about everything behind,) it has been quite a spendy time. I wanted to share some highlights from my most recent purchases in every department from bathroom to home to closet.

Family Holiday Photo Outfit Inspiration 2021

UPDATE: I first wrote this post three years ago (October of 2017). It’s since been one of the most visited pages on my blog and this time of year it’s pinned, visited and shopped from multiple times every single day. Each year, I keep the images and wording the same but update the slider below each outfit idea to current options.  Enjoy! Happy photo planning!

What to Wear Right Now: Late Summer/Early Fall Momiform Essentials

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It’s that time, friends. The Fall Momiform is here! Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons to dress for, but Fall truly takes the cake. Going back inside to grab a sweater because you felt a 1% chill in the air, sweating a little bit because you couldn’t resist wearing a beanie, pulling out your chunky socks-is anyone as excited as I am right now?! As always, these Momiform Essentials aren’t exclusive to mothers, but I find most ‘wardrobe essentials’ aren’t catered to women who spend most of their time at home or with their kids. This one has your back. Here we go!

Gingham, Please

I am a huge fan of gingham. My style leans much more classic than preppy so I don’t always love the things gingham are featured on but MAN, y’all. Gingham is absolutely thriving this season and I’ve never seen it done in a cooler way.

Late Winter/Early Spring Momiform: 10 Essentials.

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It’s that time of year where we start seeing ads for vacations and beaches and we’re sitting at home in our robes and nike socks realizing the warmest place we’ll be going in the near future is the laundry room. January-March is a notoriously tricky season to dress for. The weather is unpredictable, the cold weather lost it’s charm when the Christmas tree was put away and “well, I’m not seeing anyone anyway” acts as a blanket statement for wearing the same college hoodie three days in a row. I’ve got your back, friend.