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Best of Black Friday Sales

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I know today can be overwhelming. I personally like to get 90% of my Christmas shopping done by the end of this weekend to ensure I’m saving as much as possible. I’ve got your back. Here is the Black Friday Guide to get you through including some of my favorite Small Businesses.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: For Him. (Also Known as–The Guide You Care About Most)

Y’ALL. I hear you loud and clear. My DMs are filled to the brim with requests for this guide and the fact that you trust my men’s guides motivates me to pour a solid month into putting this together. Guys are just plain hard to shop for. I can rarely predict the thing they truly want (because gadgets and video games and random sports equipment just aren’t my genre) but I have a wide enough variety of men in my life to pull together a guide that has something for every single man on your list. Let’s. Do. This.

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Little Dude

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If you need to pick a Holiday gift for the little dude in your life, I’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for a toddler toy or a big kid gift, I’ve got something here that will make you gift winner 2020. It should also go without saying that both the “for the little lady” and “for the little dude” gifts are pretty interchangeable as Keogena loves some things on this list just as much as her brother. Let’s get into it.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: For the Little Lady

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It’s that time of year again, friends. You know how I feel about gift guides by now (see past Holiday Gift Guides here.) Pulling them together is one of my favorite things year round and while I certainly want to make them beautiful to look at, my number one goal is to make them helpful. The first image is the beauty queen but Ms. Congeniality is down below, friends. Keep reading for alllll the gems for the little lady in your life including the things we own and love.

The Baby Round-up

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I’ve received more requests than ever for baby-related blog posts and I get it! The COVID baby boom is real and I’m thrilled to hear from so many first time parents looking for resources galore. This is the post for you, friend.