What I Eat in a Day: A Peek into 24 Hours in my Paleo Menu

salmon over greens with pecans

I shared all my current food restriction in this blog post, but essentially I eat a strict paleo diet minus eggs until Z can tolerate them. Here’s what I ate in a 24 hour period which I hope will give you a few ideas if you eat similarly to me and also, spoiler alert: my salmon recipe is included as well so get your bookmarking finger ready, friends.

That Fall Feeling: October’s Best

Jill Atogwe and kids being pulled in a wagon at an apple orchard

Incase you haven’t looked at a calendar yet, let me be the first to welcome you to October, 2020. I’m using all the restraint I can muster to bypass the opportunity to talk about time (at least out loud) and will skip right to the post. Today, I’m looking back on my favorite Autumn posts from the past to get us all in that October mood.

Ultimate Newborn Essentials: 0-3 Months

newborn Z laying on fuzzy blanket sleeping

Zeameh turned four months old last week and that officially closes the chapter on the ‘fourth trimester.’ The newborn phase can be straight up hard. There is no magic product on Amazon Prime to change that fact, but there are a few products that make it easier, sweeter and more comfortable. (I should also say-more cute.) After going through the newborn experience three times in the past five and a half years, these are my newborn MVP’s.

A Hashimoto’s Update: Why I’m off my Medication, Changing my Diet and How to Handle a Postpartum Flare

Jill and youngest daughter in nursery

I’ve shared a bit here and there that my thyroid has gone a bit haywire. I was warned about postpartum with Hashimoto’s but I still didn’t expect it to be quite so challenging. The situation wasn’t helped at all by me accidentally taking the wrong dose of medication for five months. I hope you have your warm drink of choice in hand and, for my sake, a bread of some sort. Any sort. Let’s dive in to the full thyroid update, shall we?

Our Favorite Recent Purchases for the Whole Family

It has certainly been a different type of Autumn and while the pandemic has changed my typical Fall purchases, there have still been a few new additions I’m so excited about. Whether it be a toy that makes outdoor get together’s extra fun for the kids, a pair of sunglasses that is less than $20 but looks quadruple the price or a plant-based, natural candy that we keep on hand at all times-there’s something for everyone in today’s post. 

6 Products That Will Convince You to Switch to Clean Skincare

best natural non-toxic skincare products

When I made the cold-turkey switch to natural skincare and makeup, I felt overwhelmed and also a but jipped. I spent my entire adult life trying to hone-in on the exact right products for my unique and pretty unfortunate mixture of super dry + super sensitive skin. I felt like a thirteen year old starting from ground zero again and let me tell you–that’s not a good feeling. Over the years I have spent far too much time and resources to try out just about everything on the market and I have never loved my skincare routine more. Here are the six products that will win you over.