Summer at the Lakehouse 2019

As you read this, I’ll be 30,000 feet in the sky headed back home after three weeks at the lake house. It was the recharge we had no idea we needed and I’m hoarding each memory made this month. We have thirteen nieces and nephews on O’s side and getting all the kids together always feels like magic. We’re the only ones that don’t live in the area and while we FaceTime and check in often, there’s just nothing quite like a sleepover, roasting s’mores by the campfire of running around the backyard for hours. Keogena and Oshiolema must have set a world record for how many times they can say the word “cousin” in a day because they’re just so thrilled to have time with them. I often look around the room and have one of those music montage scenes in a movie where  the lighting is dreamy and everything moves in slow motion. When I met O, there were five grandchildren and here, ten years and eight more grandchildren later I feel the weight of how special these summer vacations are more each time. Here’s a peek into three weeks at the lake house.