What to Wear Right Now: Late Summer/Early Fall Momiform Essentials

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It’s that time, friends. The Fall Momiform is here! Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons to dress for, but Fall truly takes the cake. Going back inside to grab a sweater because you felt a 1% chill in the air, sweating a little bit because you couldn’t resist wearing a beanie, pulling out your chunky socks-is anyone as excited as I am right now?! As always, these Momiform Essentials aren’t exclusive to mothers, but I find most ‘wardrobe essentials’ aren’t catered to women who spend most of their time at home or with their kids. This one has your back. Here we go!

Late Winter/Early Spring Momiform: 10 Essentials.

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It’s that time of year where we start seeing ads for vacations and beaches and we’re sitting at home in our robes and nike socks realizing the warmest place we’ll be going in the near future is the laundry room. January-March is a notoriously tricky season to dress for. The weather is unpredictable, the cold weather lost it’s charm when the Christmas tree was put away and “well, I’m not seeing anyone anyway” acts as a blanket statement for wearing the same college hoodie three days in a row. I’ve got your back, friend.

The Postpartum Momiform 5×5: Fall Edition

Getting dressed postpartum can be challenging at best. Our bodies are in an in-between state, we’re either pumping or nursing or burping a baby throughout the day, and we often are tempted to wear sweats all day, every day just to find any comfort in our bodies at all. Here are the 5 pieces I find essential to make getting dressed in the fall during the postpartum period as easy as can be.

Weekend Notes. ‘What I Really Wore’ No.1

You guys asked to see what I actually wear in day to day life and I’m so happy to introduce the first edition of the Weekend Notes. For the next four weeks, I’m going to share what I actually wore this week on the blog. I’m vowing to keep it real (I may move away from the iPhone mirror shot but for now, that’s holding me accountable!) which means some weeks has a whole lot of athleisure thrown in there. A little bonus: at the end of each post, I’ll answer the top 3 questions asked that week via social media and email. After one month I’ll evaluate based on page views and feedback to see if this is something I’ll do long term. Ready. Set. Go! 

Late Winter/Early Spring Momiform Essentials

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Earlier this week, I shared why and how to choose your Momiform, now I’m back to share my tried and true favorites for this season. It’s always the hardest part of the year from a clothing perspective-I’m completely over big coats and winter accessories but it’s far too cold to whip out the sundresses and shorts. Practical basics are the name of the game for me. Be sure to check out the Fall 2021 Momiform Post here.

The Case For a Momiform

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In the winter months especially, I rely heavily on predictable pieces that fit into three criteria: 1. It has to be comfortable. 2. It has to be effortless. 3. It has to be flattering. Winter adds one more crucial criteria: it has to keep me warm. The items that fit into this category win a spot in my Momiform. A momiform is, loosely, a uniform of sorts that makes getting dressed every day for life with your kids a no-brainer. Today, we’ll talk about identifying the pieces you reach for most and evaluating if that has been intentional or unintentional. On Thursday, I’ll share the actual pieces I call my MVP during this January-March stretch.