Groomsman Gift Ideas

Want to know my most pinned photo of all time? O’s groomsmen gifts to his friends on our wedding day. It’s a head scratcher, for sure, but those are the facts. Since our wedding day 8 years ago, it has consistently gotten pinned at least 100 times a month which leads me to believe one thing: folks are curious about this whole genre. O gifted his groomsmen a watch, cufflinks and a pair of superhero socks to be worn on that day because he’s fancy like that (and he was still playing football at that time so…you know, disposable income looked a little different.) Here are the items I advise friends to gift on their big day:

Friday Feels

Happy Friday, Friends! Wedding weekend is HERE! My brother gets married tomorrow and my soon to be sister-in-law is the most perfect person on the planet for him. We’ve known her our whole lives and yet because of the age gap, they never even had a conversation. He’d hang out with her older brothers and we were best friends with all their cousins, traveling to Dallas every summer for long visits. Two years ago, our moms (friends since their 20’s) suggested they go on a date and here we are! (That’s me, third from the left.)