Madewell Fall Sale

Madewell rarely ever has sales, and as someone who should be ashamed of just how much Madewell exists in her closet, I frequently look out for them. Today friends is a good day-you can potentially save 30% at Madewell and stock up for fall! I though it’d be best to make a fall moodboard and pull my favorites based on that.

When I’m investing in a garment, I want to know three things: that it will last, that it’s stylish, that it’s comfortable. I’ve yet to meet a piece by this brand that doesn’t meet those three criteria and much more. Sure, they’re known for their denim, but I especially love their simple but strong staples like tops, dresses and accessories.

It can always be hard to see the three digit price tag, but truly every item is made to last and becomes the most hardworking item in my closet (I’m looking at you, overalls) and today is the chance to take the three digits down to two! I’ve already put my order in and let’s just say that my fall wardrobe is set.

Here are my absolute standout pieces and some of them may need explanation:

embroidered top: this particular top is sezane, the cult cool-girl french brand that just opened in New York and while most things are completely sold out on their website, Madewell started carrying some of their items. Picturing this top tucked into a skirt with boots is all I needed to pull the trigger

denim jacket: this is my absolute favorite jean jacket of all time. I searched high and low, purchasing both inexpensive and too expensive before landing on this jacket last year and surprisingly wear it year round. Get it large enough to wear a cable knit under it or fitted enough to wear under your go-to coat

black apron jumpsuit: I own an identical jumpsuit to this. I wear it alone in the summer, but when fall hits I pair it with off the shoulder long sleeve tops and striped shirts. It makes for fool-proof outfits

camel coat: this is certainly an investment, but I can’t think of one piece that completes a wardrobe like this coat. It’s the instant cool-girl finisher and looks perfect with all black, denim, grey and everything in between

high-rise skinny jeans: these jeans have been my go-to for a long time. Few pairs of denim make me feel pulled in slender these days but these have proven themselves irreplaceable in my closet

great knits: these are kind of a no brainer but I’m looking for details in my knits lately. The open back and the side fringe styles are a definite favorite to get away with wearing them multiple times a week with different jeans

day dress: day dresses are best shown off in fall. They look perfect on their own, worn with a great scarf or layered under a leather, camel or denim jacket. I just scooped up the striped long sleeve one and plan on wearing it with a neck-scarf and sneakers until I have to swap those out for chunky scarf, fedora and knee boots

leather pouch: you won’t ever find me without at least two pouches. I tend to keep my essentials in one(lipstick, deoderant wipes, eyebrow pencil, roller perfume…) and the kids essentials in another. More often than not, I just take the pouch out and use it as a purse when I’m alone and their leather pouches make that possible

I’d love to know, what are your fall wardrobe heroes? Are you a longtime Madewell lover or have you never pulled the trigger? Happy stocking and happy saving!!

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