Autumn Favorites for Littles

collage of Jill's older kids in coordinating outfits

Are your kids distance learning or back in school? Despite our unique split (the kids homeschool three days a week and are in school two days), I’ve still found-much to my surprise-they need clothes. I don’t know if we had pandemic growth spurts or what but both kids outgrew quite literally every item of fall clothing they had. Here are some great staples for this season and the next.

Austin Recap | COVID Travel with Littles

collage of photos from trip to Austin

Last weekend, O and I decided to book an Airbnb and load the kids up to road trip down to Austin. We had planned on doing it the month prior but then Zeameh didn’t poop for 14 days and, well, thats a story for another day. I am so grateful we waited because the weather absolutely made the trip for us. Here are some photos I love and my thoughts on Covid Travel.

My Picks for My Guy and Littles: The Best of Sale

husband and son in front of building

I get a surprising amount of DM’s about men’s style. When I met O he was a very bedazzled, very flared pant wearing man that believed every outfit needed to color coordinate-including denim requiring a blue shirt or shoe to match. We’ve come a long way. East Dane has been one of my go-to places over the years to build his wardrobe to last and look great while doing so. Anthropologie is also having 25% off everything so rather than sharing women’s clothes like always, I’m sharing my picks for littles and some Holiday favorites that won’t be on sale again until Black Friday. Let’s go!

The Postpartum Momiform 5×5: Fall Edition

Getting dressed postpartum can be challenging at best. Our bodies are in an in-between state, we’re either pumping or nursing or burping a baby throughout the day, and we often are tempted to wear sweats all day, every day just to find any comfort in our bodies at all. Here are the 5 pieces I find essential to make getting dressed in the fall during the postpartum period as easy as can be.

What I Eat in a Day: A Peek into 24 Hours in my Paleo Menu

salmon over greens with pecans

I shared all my current food restriction in this blog post, but essentially I eat a strict paleo diet minus eggs until Z can tolerate them. Here’s what I ate in a 24 hour period which I hope will give you a few ideas if you eat similarly to me and also, spoiler alert: my salmon recipe is included as well so get your bookmarking finger ready, friends.