Jill Atogwe

I'm married to my dream guy and mother to three littles. I am an artist and a writer with a degree in fashion merchandising but, as predicted, navigating my passions and talents through the lens of motherhood has been its own journey. My mom was a "stay at home mom" and she shaped me in every way. Despite having 7 kids with hardly any time in between, she always looked fabulous, spent quality time being there for her friends, made dinner every night and consistently dated and had the most fun with my dad.

After watching her make everything around her beautiful despite the chaos, anytime someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said "a stay at home mom." I'm so blessed to be living that dream and really I'm just trying to be more like my mom every day. In my dream world, I'd bake every day, have a lifetime supply of graham crackers, live on the set of a Nancy Meyers movie and crack that perfect balance between present motherhood and pursuing my passions.

Until then, I'll just be sharing my journey to making my life beautiful and glorifying God, inside and out, covered in gold and graphite.


A few more fun things about me:

Gold and grey are my two favorite colors to illustrate with, to decorate our home with and to dress myself with. Graphite pencil is how I start every single illustration and swapping that for grey felt perfect.

My six siblings are my best friends on the planet and after living across the country from each of them for nearly 10 years, we all finally live in the same state again. Texas Forever.

I wear a size 12 shoe and you won't see any "it shoes" here because literally none of them fit me.

My dad is a hall of fame football player and my husband retired after 8 years in the NFL. Football was all I knew and starting from scratch was a huge step out of my comfort zone but we have never had more fun than we do now buying and renovating homes.

I grew up in Chicago and have since lived in Baltimore, San Francisco, San Jose, St. Louis, Dallas and outside of D.C. Texas is where we have settled and it feels just right.

I often watch movies just for the interior design. For that reason, I can pause and rewind the same ten seconds of any given Nancy Meyers movie more times than I'm willing to admit.