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The Daily Jewelry Round Up

I often dress incredibly simply. I might throw on a blazer or a pea coat in the winter, but typically I’m wearing something simple. No muss, no fuss. And let’s be honest- more often than not it’s a sweatsuit or denim. What makes me feel pulled together is simple, daily jewelry that elevates everything while not feeling fancy. Here is the jewelry I recommend to add to a daily rotation:

The Holiday Shop is Live!

From now until Thursday, December 9th the shop will be open and live! We won’t be restocking anything and after this Holiday season, the Shop will be shifting in a new direction. I hope you enjoy every single item and that they serve as bits of joy for you and those you gift to. Shop Here!

The Conception Tips That We Have Found Most Helpful

Tips for Getting Pregnant on The First Try

Last year, I began getting questions about conception tips. I got the question so many times that I eventually just made a list of bullet points in my Notes App and anytime someone asked me, I sent them the note. When I someone last week shared with me in Friday’s Q&A that the tips had “worked” along with a pregnancy question, the request for those tips came pouring in again. I figured the best way to get them to everyone was to offer up my email so I could send it that way but friends, I’m shocked by the amount of you trying to get pregnant right this minute!

My Full Review of Disney World’s Riviera Resort With Kids 2021

disney riviera hotel with kids

This month is Disney World’s big 50th Anniversary Celebration so I figured it was the perfect time to do a Disney deep dive from our week-long trip this summer! First up: a review of our seven-night stay at the Riviera Resort. I have stayed at many Disney Hotels and I’m just going to give a spoiler alert right now, this is my new favorite–hands down.