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Our Current Favorite Kids Books: Best Books for Babies, Toddlers and Young Readers

This post is long overdue and I’m so excited to share an updated version of our current favorite children’s books. The first time I shared books we were reading was this “Learning Tools” post when the kids were freshly three and one-and-a-half. Now, I have six year old, an almost five year old and a one year old (!) and each of those three beautiful babies absolutely love their books. Let’s dive in.

The Interiors Inspiring Me Most for Fall: Inexpensive Fall Decor with a Big Impact

I don’t fall in the “pumpkins and bats” camp when it comes to Fall decor, but I do love small swaps to make our home feel cozier when September rolls around. We’re pretty committed to not purchasing any new furniture or big decor items until we’re no longer renting, so I pay close attention to what it is that that I love about other spaces that don’t scream Fall but give all the inspiration this time of year.

Why We’re Still Renting

photo taken a few weeks before moving to texas

A question I receive every single week without fail is this: “Why are you guys still renting?” Usually it’s followed by “why don’t you just move?” And there is so much to unpack there. (That feels like half a pun.) As someone who loves interior design and has been planning our forever home for a decade, I always have interiors on my home and the desire to make a house our own again is always on my mind. Let’s dive in.

The Ultimate Back to School Guide 2021

Look, friend. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news- don’t shoot the messenger, you know? If you’re in the south, your littles are more than likely gearing up to start school. I couldn’t figure out why I was getting so many requests for backpacks and lunch box recommendations until I remembered “it’s coming.” Here are my favorite backpacks, lunch boxes and lunch accessories to send those babes back to school with in just a few weeks.