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Do you ever come across a bunch of photos on your Camera Roll that don’t necessarily need to be shared on your social media, don’t make a blog post but are definitely worthy of sharing? Here are links to some recent things I’ve worn, seen, eaten or enjoyed in the past couple weeks…straight from my iPhone camera roll.

This top is a new favorite of mine, which explains why I’ve worn it twice in the past two days. A lightweight sweater with cutout stripe detail? What’s not to love!


My sister’s house is so beautifully decked out in the Hearth and Hand like from Target and these lanterns are especially sweet

I have to say that while this bag is an investment, it is worth every single penny. I’ve never seen something so crisp and clean and the amount of storage space inside is next level! There are tons of colors to choose from, but this one won me over big time.

Navigating travel day with two toddlers is always an adventure! This is my go-to travel outfit: a lightweight shawl over a long-sleeve shirt with long pants to hide my compression tights. I try to save this outfit just for travel but each piece is a serious favorite of mine so that never happens.

I spent a good chunk of last week in a conference and sitting down for any length of time is the quickest way to get me to eat my body weight in snacks. I always keep these bars on hand as a super clean and delicious snack to hold me over.

I’m very, very loyal when it comes to leggings. After having Keogena, I went on a legging rampage and tried out every single one I could get my hands on. I bought many that looked cute and were inexpensive but didn’t fit perfectly and thought I could overlook it. After a full year of living with the cute but ill-fitting leggings, I decided to get rid of all of them and only keep what is 100% flattering and 100% comfortable. These leggings are the only leggings aside from all my trusty Lulus that fit the bill.

I get tons of questions about this bag! It’s the Lo and Sons ‘Catalina’ (the original) and it’s one of my top travel essentials. It serves as our carry-on bag for every single flight. The bottom compartment is awesome for toddler books and our bibles or journals and the inside is SO spacious and roomy. It’s the closest to Mary Poppins I’ll ever be.

Incase you needed more Hearth and Hand goodness, this setup by Brooke couldn’t have been more beautiful and that table runner works for every season!


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