Camera Roll Dump and Answering “Where is That From?”

Sometimes you just need to answer all the questions in one place, you know?! I’m rounding up the images I’ve received the most DM’s or emails about to share the details in this post.

fall fashion and favorite smoothie

This yellow dress was particularly exciting for you guys! I’m happy to report it’s back in stock in all sizes (I own it in the black as well. It’s foolproof.)

fall fashion in san francisco

I got these jeans just before our SF  trip and I’ve never been more excited about the fit of a pair of jeans in my life! The shoes are no stranger to my blog but I still get asked about them all the time! I have them in the nude and black. The tee is a $35 classic and my go-to travel wrap is sold out, but here are some similar ones. Seriously, its a pillow, blanket and scarf all in one and i’ll never get rid of it!

These pants are on sale and have become the one pair I reach for when I want comfort without actually wearing a legging. They’re slightly drop-crotch (‘harem’ is a more appropriate term I suppose) and the fabric is like silk and butter had a baby! You guys were a big fan of this shirt but sadly, it’s still sold out from the Nordstrom Sale! This tee is similar. (and this one is super inexpensive for the same look)

Lots of questions about this dress! Sadly its old and long sold-out but this one is almost identical and at such a great price point!!

Oshiolema’s scooter, Keogena’s scooter, Keogena’s helmet

These mats are by EZPZ and Keogena uses them exclusively! I’ve been a fan for years and highly, highly recommend them.

fall fashion, high waisted trouser, fall outfit inspiration

red lip for fall

Ah, the glamorous mirror shot in the children’s restroom at church. You won’t like this answer, but everything in this outfit is really old as well. (I truly don’t shop very much and re-wear things for a loooong time!) I’ve found a genuinely identical top here, the lip is Nars ‘Heat Wave’ here are some of my favorite paper-bag waist trousers:

This post on a dress really transforming a no-makeup and didn’t-touch-my-hair day was quite a hit with you guys! The dress is sold out from Doen, but here are some beautiful dresses with a similar vibe. The tie shoulders are so sweet and flattering and I’m on the hunt for more.

the perfect jeans and perfect white tee for fall fashion

this jean and tee combo from my fitness post got lots of questions. The jeans are here and here and the tee is my favorite and most worn since last summer.

if you’re still here after looking at that much smizing mirror selfie-ing, give yourself a pat on the back! If you have any questions about anything else I didn’t mention here, just leave it in the comments! Happy Friday, Friends.

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  • Ashlee 3 years ago Reply

    Gah! I LOVE that yellow dress. Would you consider it nursing-friendly? It looks like you could kinda yank it down in the front?

    Jill 3 years ago Reply

    TOTALLY nursing friendly. I’ve had it since Fall and nurses Keogena in it multiple times! Worse case scenario I had to loosen the tie (my black one is smaller than my yellow) but it was .5 seconds to nursing. So good!

    Ashlee 3 years ago

    AWESOME. The “nursing” dresses are always so ugly … I love when I can find something cute that will work for that! Adding to my wishlist 😉

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