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Happy Friday, Friends! This month is a wild one. Real wild. My brother gets married next weekend, and my sister moves from California to Texas next week so it’s exciting and busy and wonderful as can be. Also, it just needed to be noted that I’ve made the 5 ingredient vegan, grain-free chocolate chip cookies from this cookbook twice this week. And more importantly, I gave my kids ice cream and cookies for no reason at all. Who am I???

Here’s what caught my eye this week:

If you watch my Instastories, you know my post-miscarriage skin is straight up crazy. Adult acne is no joke and I’m full on diving into how to heal from the inside out since I know it’s not about my skincare but my hormones and health. This article had me taking notes.

I used these sorting bears with Oshiolema to introduce color names and teach red vs. blue vs. green and so on and it was so helpful that I repurchased them to use with Keogena. A few days in and she now can sort the bears on her own! If you’re not a parent this was the lamest section you’ve ever read. The next one’s for you.

As I mentioned, my skin is not my friend right now. This cult-favorite mask is. I always get it at Nordstrom but they’re currently completely sold out! You can still pick it up here.

While it will remain in the upper 90s well through September here in Dallas, you can’t keep me away from my sweatshirts. I have sweatshirts on the brain in a big way right now and always have to have access to one to throw over a tank top if its freezing inside. The key is this: your sweatshirt has to make me look put together, not like I didn’t try. These all fit the bill.

This article by Ashlee Gadd discussing how you can support the creatives in your life (hi!) has been on my mind a lot lately. It’s so good and says what needs to be said in such a helpful and insightful way.

My nephew turns one next month and I know exactly what I’m getting him. Guys, if you have a toddler and you live anywhere other than Alaska, a water table. Get on it. Les than $40 and will buy you more time and joy than you could ever imagine.

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  • Ashlee 3 years ago Reply

    Ahhh, thanks for linking to me, friend! I’m gonna try those cookies, too!

    Jill 3 years ago Reply

    Oh course! That was the most well-put advice I’ve seen and it needed to be shared again! The cookies are addictive and feel practically like a vegetable.

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