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Find out what is on my mind. From life updates for my consistent readers to topics I’m passionate about—On My Mind is a mishmash of a little bit of everything. Here you will find gift guides, updates on my shop, info on my e-book (Real as it Gets Guide to Intimacy Within Marriage), and so much more. If you’re a consistent reader, this is the place where important updates to my weekly newsletter—the gold standard—are often found too! 

‘On My Mind’ offers posts about outfits and sale guides as well as bits and pieces of everyday life and raw, behind-the-scenes thoughts about what it means to be an “influencer.”

On My Mind

My Favorite Recent Purchases for my Fall Wardrobe and Home

I went nearly a year without shopping for anything outside of a couple maternity tees, sweats that fit my pregnant body and fresh nursing bras. When it came time to pick up a few new things for my postpartum body, I leaned into my usual wardrobe rules: Whatever I add to my closet has to […]

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