Friday Feels + an Announcement

Hi friends! That little lady up there has been getting a lot of air-time on my Instagram stories so if you love watching people paint like me, I saved some snippets and behind-the scenes into my process on my ‘artwork’ highlights! I’ve painted more this week than I have in a very long time and it almost feels freeing in a way to make the decision to do something I’m so naturally drawn to do. 

I’ve gotten so many questions over the past few months about whether or not I sell my artwork. The truth is, while I have so many prints stored up, the thought of opening a shop of any kind always felt like a “far in the future” dream. My time is stuffed to overflowing and it just didn’t seem possible. When Christmas season illustration requests started coming in, I just felt a peace about it. It’s time. Here’s my goal out loud, in writing, for everyone to see: by the start of December, I’d like to have a collection of prints available for purchase on Etsy. So exciting, so overwhelming, and so stinkin’ inspiring.

Once I start painting, a part of my brain is opened up that doesn’t easily close again. I find inspiration for my next piece in every single thing I do which is where homeschooling and having lots of intentional time with my kids at my feet can be tricky. I love for them to see me paint, but it usually ends up with lots of wanting to help, lots of table shaking and lots of accidents. For this reason, I do most of my painting at night and for the next couple weeks I’ll be filling up most of my fringe hours with a brush in hand.

Next week, all my blog content will be from this season last year. This will allow me to push scheduled content back and focus strictly on getting this shop up for you guys which is something I’ve never considered but is such a beautiful thing. This space can be strange sometimes. I feel such a heavy pressure to produce endless amounts of content while, in the end, the pressure is only weight I’ve put on myself. Thank you guys for your patience and support and encouragement as I push toward this goal!

In the meantime, here are some things to leave you with for the weekend:

If you haven’t read “In His Image” by Jen Wilkin yet, friend. Go get your hands on that thing. I finished it this week and in a season of heavy decisions and lots of temptation to freeze and wait for God’s will rather than to move forward to find the answer in His Word, this was life changing. I’ve found myself still picking it up to reference regularly. Her book ‘Women of the Word’ is another one that had tremendous impact on me years ago.

I’ve raved about these shoes enough, I’m sure, but it must be said again for my other less-than-dainty footed friends. These stood the test of two days of wear this week and my size 12 feet could not be happier to have two new friends. (Because when stunning shoes come in your size for less than $100, you get two colors.) Some of my sisters scooped these up after seeing them in person too- they’re such a great winter staple for parties and events that warrant dressing up but heels are just not happening!

I don’t listen to the radio so unless a sibling of mine shares a song with me or I hear it on a worship playlist, I don’t hear it. I’m super out of the loop when it comes to all things music and that left me pretty late to the game when it came to Lauren Daigle. My sister played “You Say” during our workout one morning and I stopped mid burpee to ask what angelic creature was singing!!! The Look Up Child album has been on repeat ever since and Inevitable, Look Up Child, Love Like This and Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus get me every.single.time.

Lastly, Anthropologie has 20% Home this weekend and will be shipped to arrive in time for all the Thanksgiving hosting! Here are a few of my favorites:

It’s supposed to be a chilly weekend here in Texas and we’re looking forward to snuggling up with the littles, taking our giant Singletary family photo and lots and lots of paint. Have a beautiful November weekend!

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