Friday Feels: Pajama Edition

This photo from last year really sums up what I hope our weekend will look like! We’ve got some fun plans each day from Friday-Sunday but since it’s supposed to officially be in the 20’s this evening, I cannot get my mind off of cozy winter pajamas.

I’ve rounded up my favorites for the season and man, there are some good ones. Pajamas are my weakness, especially this time of year when you’re hosting more people, taking trips to visit friends and spending much more of the day in the dark- cozy and cute jams are absolutely essential! I love a good matching pajama moment for my kiddos too. On a side note-does anyone else completely forget how the whole getting-dark-at-5pm thing affects your energy (but not your kids’ energy) every single year? Hmph.

Behold- the pajama boutique you’ve always dreamed of for both you and your littles! I’d love to know, are you a t-shirt and sweats kind of girl or a matching pajamas girl, like me?

Happy weekend, friends!




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