Honey, We’re Home!!

We did it. Only with an incredible God, lots of help from family and friends, and the fact that we found the coffee maker in the first batch of boxes was this whole thing possible. Are you ready for this? In fifteen days, we chose a house, purchased it, and moved in.       ..Believe it. 

I lived in a hotel for two weeks, and headed back to St. Louis to finish packing the last of the boxes and direct the movers what goes where. Oj’s brother and cousin flew in to meet me there and give me an extra hand, and after a very long 24 hours I was on a plane back to D.C. I twiddled my fingers all day until 6:45pm…the moment we had waited for was finally here: KEYS IN HAND!!!

My love and I immediately drove to our new home, happily turning the key and went room to room with giddy smiles on our face. We laid on the empty carpets knowing this is the last time our home would be this way. It is in these moments that I am in awe of just how much God wants us to know His goodness. 

We swung by Redskins Park in the morning so the boys could see their Shum in that Burgundy and Gold 

And then headed straight to open the doors for the movers!! Since Oj was still in training camp so he couldn’t help us move in, so I was beyond thankful to have his Dad drive down, and the extra willing hands of Maha and Muzz. The day was interesting at best: the water magically stopped working an hour after move in (surprise!) and soon electricians came to warn us they were turning off the power, and gas. Fantastic. I spent two hours on the phone talking to machines, which is the quickest way to make me chuck my phone at the wall, all to hear an automated ‘I’m sorry, I’m not understanding’ repeated over and over, and when I finally got to talk to a real person the conversations went something like this:
“We need to speak to your husband to add his name to the account.”
“That cannot happen, he is in practice and meetings until 10pm.”
“Like football practice? …Can’t he say he’s taking a break?”
Silence on my end. 
 The good side of this was that I got to spend some quality time at the city hall dealing with these shenanigans- but I did it! I’d like to think I saved the day.

The days that followed were fast, busy and long, but so special. Oj broke camp Tuesday night and got to come see his family and our home filled with our furniture. He was beaming with joy, and in Nigerian Tradition Daddy walked them around the house speaking blessings over it. We truly are showered with love. 

My mom arrived Wednesday and painted up a storm! She is the ultimate blessing. We went home-prittifying-hunting for six hours the other day and accomplished everything we set out to do- plus dinner and dessert- before the bubs came home from work! Superwomen!! The house has truly become ours. Yes we will be waiting for furniture and accessories and artwork for the better part of the next year, but it already feels like it’s ours.  I am now realizing I should have broken this up into two parts, or I should have been a better blogger and posted all along, but I guess that’s neither here nor there(:

I am now plopped down on the couch truly relaxing for the first time in a long time. It is my first time in the house alone- and this week will be our first week without help or guests. I am both excited and sad. I am so excited to walk in these moments- as I have two weeks before the cross-country school commute begins. I am so eager to learn God in a new way that involves full blown trust and allowing Him to truly use me as a puppet. I have learned through this experience first hand just how much His will is the only thing I want. 

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