It's the best time of year to get dressed! Here are the best outfits and clothes for autumn 2021.

What to Wear Right Now: Late Summer/Early Fall Momiform Essentials

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It’s that time, friends. The Fall Momiform is here! Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons to dress for, but Fall truly takes the cake. Going back inside to grab a sweater because you felt a 1% chill in the air, sweating a little bit because you couldn’t resist wearing a beanie, pulling out your chunky socks-is anyone as excited as I am right now?! As always, these Momiform Essentials aren’t exclusive to mothers, but I find most ‘wardrobe essentials’ aren’t catered to women who spend most of their time at home or with their kids. This one has your back. Here we go!

(*I’ll come back and update each section through early September since Fall releases haven’t really rolled out yet. I really had to dig for these gems-those cozy fleeces and thick beanies will be steppin’ out by the boat load soon.)

Baseball Cap. I don’t care who you are- you’ve likely found a dear friend in the baseball cap. Sure, you might be used to throwing on a baseball cap on a bad hair day to go to the gym or to soccer practice, but try it with a trench coat or that great pair of jeans. Trust me.

Beanie. Okay, if you live in the South (my hand is raised) this is a little bit optimistic. But I do whatever it takes to be able to pull out my beanies in early Fall.

Small Hoops. Hoops are the MVP of my jewelry collection. If you have a toddler who is absolutely determined to rip earrings out of your ear, maybe hold off on the hoops. I personally have found that a small hoop tends to be pretty safe while elevating even a sweatsuit and Birkenstocks.

Light Layer. I used to pull out my coats out of sheer excitement September 1st. Don’t be like past me, friends. There will be a time where you can’t even step outside to grab the mail without wearing a coat. I can assure you. Until then, let all your light layers thrive. Denim jackets, zip-up fleeces, field jackets-even your vests.

Hooded Sweatshirt. Also known as a hoodie. I’m wearing a hoodie as we speak because this is my favorite piece all year round. I personally love a hoodie underneath a light layer but don’t be afraid to pair this with a more dressed up lower half-dark denim and short boots or white denim and loafers.

Cardigan. The cardigan goes with absolutely everything. Its perfect for taking a summer sundress into Fall or to throw over an outfit you may or may not have already worn that week to make it different.

Bodysuit. A sleeveless or short sleeve bodysuit is the best transition piece this time of year. Sure, the whole button-crotch thing takes a bit to be reacclimatized to (did anyone else’s 90’s wardrobe consist almost exclusively of button-crotch tops?) but you can’t beat the way they work with high-waisted denim.

Button Down. I wear the same two button-downs all year long because you just can’t go wrong there. I love a really oversized shape to pair with a slim pant. From there, the shoe can change the entire look. A rain boot! A loafer! A combat boot! The world is your oyster.

Crewneck Sweater. A crewneck layered over a high crewneck tee is one of my favorite looks. It makes me feel very ‘Mad About You.’ If you have no desires to look like you’re in a 90s sitcom, don’t worry. A pullover is as timeless and classic as they come.

Short Sleeve Tee. This is self explanatory. You absolutely need a great t-shirt in your arsenal. I’m not talking about the ill-fitting one you’ve had for 9 years or the one you threw in the cart at Target but has a weird neckline and is oddly long. Nope. The one that does wonders. This is my favorite grey tee ever, if you’re curious.

Trench Coat. The trench is a wardrobe piece that people can feel a little bit nervous about. I personally think it’s an essential piece of outerwear and not just if you’re feeling fancy. I can’t tell you how often I wear my trench coat year round. I have this one which is an investment piece for sure, but it’s on year 11, wear number jabillion and is still in perfect condition.

White Denim. I say denim, but any white pant will do. I still wear white linen trousers well into Fall but it’s my white jeans that get worn year round. Don’t feel the need to tuck away your white jeans just because Labor Day passes by. Absolutely not. A chunky knit sweater with some white jeans and loafers? or white sneakers? or high tops? C’mon now!

Dark Denim. You get it.

Light Denim. I like to keep my dark denim crisp and my lighter denim distressed. Again, you know the drill.

Maxi Dress. Dresses of all kind really shine this time of year. They are so incredibly versatile and really come in handy during warmer days. Your favorite summer maxi is great paired with a cardigan or light jacket.

Rain Boots. If you don’t wear in a climate where it rains enough to justify a pair of rain boots, these aren’t essential for you. But rain boot days are my favorite days.

White Sneakers. These are my most essential shoe. As you know by now, I wear a size 12 shoe. Most of my shoes are men’s sneakers and I feel most myself wearing a great pair of Converse or Vejas.

Loafers. These might be a bit of a leap for some but there are few more flattering shoes than a great pair of loafers.

Birkenstocks. These are polarizing. I get it. But I’ve worn these since middle school and especially love when this time of year rolls around and I can wear them with chunky socks again.

Short Boots. We’re ending with a bang, here. Short boots are one of those things that may take a while to get right but there is a perfect pair for you. I have really muscular calves so a pair that goes too high is super unflattering, but a boot that is just the right height makes me feel invincible. (if you also have more muscular, large calves and/or wear a larger shoe size-I own this pair and they’re perfect.)

Not pictured but always an essential in my book:

The Matching Sweatsuit. This was my go-to long before the pandemic and I’ll proudly wear matching sweats until the end of my days. This paired with a beanie or hat and small hoops cannot be beat.

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