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There are about 10 items I’d call wardrobe essentials. They change depending on your job, the seasons and your location. Two items on that list that never change no matter who or where you are a great pair of jeans and a white top.

There are different white tops I’d recommend, sure. A crewneck tee, a long flowy casual top and a reliable button down make for a stacked closet. If you can only choose one, choose the one that serves you best. I used to look at “wardrobe essentials” and spend whatever disposable income I had (we’re talkin’ college—it wasn’t much) and get these so called “essentials.” Did I need a pencil skirt as a college athlete that was a volleyball coach on the side? Sure didn’t. Same goes for you.

If you’re a stay at home mom attending a casual church with a laid back date-night style, you just may not need to invest in a crisp white button down. If you’re a CEO who works 9-5 and spends your free time in workout clothes or pajamas, the flowy casual white top might not be your best investment.

Sorry, friends. Everyone needs a great crewneck.

If you’re into the open back button down situation I’ve got going on here, I’ve had this shirt for years but found an almost identical replica here.

And now, on to denim.

In Spring, the denim I would invest in would be a light wash pair, a great high waisted pair with a kick-flare or are boyfriend fit and a pair of white jeans. Again, choose one depending on your needs. I recently bought two pairs of jeans since only one pair currently fits me (hello, paleo life) and I after MUCH trial and error, I have found my two perfect pairs. This pair is my first pair of light denim in a long time and the fit is fantastic. They feel tight at first-this is intentional!! They’re more stiff and look incredible on. (These are the jeans in the photo) These, the second pair, are the white version of my all time favorite jeans. I love the distressing and how they can be dressed up or down and lets just say I’m absolutely thrilled that I got them on sale!

I’ve been leaning towards high-waisted, straight leg jeans over the low rise and skinny styles of years past. Maybe it’s the two pregnancies and postpartum months, maybe it’s kissing 30-who knows. But I feel much more comfortable and confident in a pair of denim that almost covers my belly button and grazes these legs of mine.

tops clockwise from top left: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

jeans left to right: 1. 2. 3. 4.

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