33 Week Update

Well, I had great intentions to update you all frequently this pregnancy. Clearly that didn’t go as planned as we are currently 7 weeks out from my due date! People warned me how different this pregnancy would be. They said the constant bump photo snapping, baby book reading and rest would be a thing of the past-they were right. We didn’t find out the gender so we’re looking forward to the surprise of a lifetime very soon. Oshiolema was born two weeks early so I’m prepared for the fact that we could potentially meet our new baby in five weeks or even less!



How far along
: 33 Weeks.

Total weight gain: 30 pounds.

Maternity clothes: There are upsides and downsides to being pregnant in the summer. One of the upsides has to be the clothing options. Since I gave birth in the dead of winter with Oshiolema, getting dressed is just so much easier than it was this stage in the pregnancy last time around! The only actual maternity clothing I’ve worn this time is a pair of white maternity jeans from JCrew, my favorite Old Navy tees and compression tights made for pregnancy. I wear dresses almost every day lately because it’s just too hot and uncomfortable to put on anything else.

Sleep: I have slept so much better this pregnancy than I did with my first. The baby is so, so active but once I can get some peace and quiet in my belly I’m fast asleep. I’m certainly sleeping much less with a toddler and definitely have some random chunks of the night I’m just wide awake for no reason but mostly I sleep pretty well. Hubs started doing “the early morning shift” a few months into the pregnancy so I can have a little prayer time at 7 and come down to start the day with Oshiolema at 8. This way on those days where  he randomly wakes up at 5 instead of his usual 6:30/7, they head to the park or play in the basement so I still get to rest (which makes me feel so blessed every day)

Currently Missing: Energy, motivation, and the simplicity of not being pregnant. Hopefully that makes sense-growing a life adds a whole new level of self awareness that can be hard to keep up with at times. When I’m not pregnant, things like not having time to have a full meal or not having enough water in a day are a bummer but don’t really make a blip on the radar. While pregnant, little things like that will affect my body for the whole day. I think it’s just a way to grow in selflessness and awareness before the baby arrives.

Movement: I’m convinced I just make really active babies. This child moves all day long to the point that I can feel bruised from the inside by the end of the day. It’s pretty amazing and I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Cravings: I unfortunately have more of a sweet tooth this time around than I did last pregnancy and do my best to hold off on a craving until I absolutely.must.eat.it. I certainly have more aversions and things that don’t sound good than cravings, though. With Oshiolema, starting when he was just two weeks old I had to cut out just about everything from dairy to soy to gluten and more. This reality put things in perspective that I want to have the healthiest pregnancy possible but still indulge here and there and enjoy this season.

Symptoms: I have a mean case of varicose veins on my entire right leg and that has been the most challenging part of the pregnancy. They’re really unattractive but also really painful and wearing compression tights in the summertime isn’t the friendliest pairing. I have also just felt way more pregnant than I am since about the 20 week mark, which I hear is just part of the deal when you have two babies in two years.

Looking forward to: Moving to Dallas for a few months (more details to come) in a few days! My brother and his girlfriend came  to pick up my car and the trailer to drive all the way down to Texas last week so all that’s left is jumping on the plane and settling in. I’m looking forward to meeting with some midwives, getting acquainted with the pediatrician and just making it our home for a while.

Exercise: I have been much more active this pregnancy than last time around. Obviously, there’s the toddler chasing that keeps me busy. In addition to that I try to do 30 minutes of cardio and a little bit of strength training four times a week and sneak walks in here and there. Staying physically strong throughout pregnancy is really important for me and while it’s super challenging at times I try to make it a priority. I have been feeling about 90 years old in my last few workouts though so if you’re picturing me in beast mode with a belly..you’re wrong. Think more Betty White aerobics than Serena Williams training. My muscles are pretty soft and I’m carrying a good amount of water weight everywhere but knowing that I’m healthy is the goal.

Favorite moments this week: Well, it wasn’t this week exactly but recently I’ve been slowing down to make intentional memories while we are just a family of three. We try to eat outside in our screened in porch just about every night we’re home to make dinnertime special, the three of us make a big breakfast together every Saturday, have a sweet bedtime routine I’m really savoring and so many other routines and traditions that mean the world to us. I am more aware every day that we won’t be able to give him our full, undivided attention at all times anymore and while its bittersweet, I’m enjoying the time I still have to do so.

Also, Oshiolema is only 18 months old so he can’t fully grasp concepts like “big brother” and “new baby” but mannnn…dude is obsessed with my belly. Even before I started showing, right when we found out we were pregnant he developed this huge attachment to my bump. He will point to it and say “baby!” no less than a hundred times a day. He rests his head on my belly for comfort, is learning to give “gentle pats to baby” and encourages people to kiss my belly. It’s just the sweetest thing and I know I’ll be a giant ball of mush when it comes time for him to meet his new little brother or sister for the first time.


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    These photos are so lovely! Blessings to you and your growing family.

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