Muir Woods Forest

We’re diving back into our family trip to California today and talking about our time exploring Muir Woods Forest. Being the homeschooling mom I am, I caught myself trying to make everything a learning opportunity and of course jumped at the change to put our knowledge of seeds, plants, and growing things to work. We knew we wouldn’t be that far north again for the rest of the trip so I planned on an excursion to see a Redwood forest. We ran into the owners of our sweet Airbnb on our way out on Sunday afternoon and I’m so glad we did! They were an adorable elderly couple that insisted on caring for us like only grandparents do, doting on us and giving us more than we could ever need. The wife happened to work for the Parks department for forty years and was an expert on every Redwood Forest in the state. She let us in on crucial tips for visiting Muir Woods Forest– namely that there’s absolutely no parking (you have to take a shuttle from 20 minutes away) and you won’t be let in without an appointment. We left that precious cottage with six pamphlets and fond memories.

Muir Woods feels like its own little world. Despite it being decently warm and so sunny you couldn’t help but squint outside the forest, the second we stepped past that welcome banner it felt like the set of a Lord of the Rings movie. The trees create such a beautiful shade and cast a greeny, blue toned tint across everything they cover. I want to mention Hogwarts here but I already did the Lord of the Rings thing despite never seeing a single movie in the series. Awkward.

If you’ve never visited a Redwood forest, add Miur Woods to your list. It’s quite a trek to get there and definitely more work than I bargained for but it is nothing short of a fairytale once you get inside. I can’t believe the life these trees have lived. Just imagine laying your head all the way back and hardly being able to see the top of every tree surrounding you, friends. It’s so rare that a girl like me feels small and mannnn, I felt small that day! Oshiolema had been studying leaves and trees a bit before arriving and knew these are the tallest tree variety in North America which was so sweet to me. The kids weren’t quite as into it, though, as we were so we didn’t linger too long.

As we drove back into the city to drop Baba off, Oshiolema got his first great glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge. We picked up a few books from the library before the trip all about it and he’s become so attached to this bridge I spent years looking at every single day. He was beside himself with joy!! I’ll never forget this sweet phase, 3 is the best.

Stay tuned for the rest of our California stay!

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