The Cold Weather Clothing Guide for Littles

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Last weekend was chilly. Really chilly. And as we sat in the back of a hayride I realized just how underprepared my littles were for another cold-weather season. Last years mittens are pretty much destroyed, they’ve outgrown their big coats and it’s time to scoop up some of my Fall and Winter favorites again. Since kids clothing is a topic I get asked about all the time, I figured I’d do an extensive guide including my “shoutouts” which are my favorite items year after year as well as the items I’d pick from head to toe to keep the kids cozy and warm and cute all at the same time. I hope you find this helpful! If your kids are growing like you’re sneaking steroids into their smoothies like mine are, you’re lookin’ for nearly a whole new wardrobe for them too. This guide has everything you need to help you on your quest! Including those $9 favorites since they’re just gonna grow out of em’ anyway and also the investment pieces like coats and boots to buy big so they last you two seasons. shoutouts for girl’s clothing:

I still like to keep Keogena’s style pretty and simple and sweet in the fall and winter which means she still has yet to wear a stiff pair of pants or denim in her life. I rely heavily on tights and lots of cable knit to go under dresses and skirts as well as soft pants. A pair or two of these always stay in rotation since they’re thicker and the quality is impeccable as well as lots of these pants since they’re $9 and last forever.

I talk about this Patagonia fleece every single year because she wears it that much. Her first one lasted two whole years and she just wore her new one for the first time this week. She gets away with wearing it as her outer layer for so long and it’s worth every single penny. Plus, the teddy bear ears on the hood get me every time.

When it comes to shoes, Hunter boots are an essential in my book. Both kids wear them so much with cozy socks underneath since winters here in Texas tend to be pretty wet. Both kids have a pair or two of these $3 socks. We keep one pair as their “house socks” that they wear sort of slippers and a couple to wear under rain boots.

Do yourself a favor and stick to mittens rather than gloves- trying to put ten fingers into gloves over and over gets old prettttty quick. While cable knit mittens are my go-to for mild weather, these waterproof mittens are winners for the snow.

shoutouts for boy’s clothing:

I love these pants for every day play and have been buying the next size up for Oshiolema over and over again since he was 6 months old and now do the same for my nephew. Consider me a loyal fan. However, when the cold weather hits, I like to switch to these joggers since he can still play in them but they’re much thicker and can take the fall and winter cold a bit better. I always get one or two pairs in the fall so I know he’s set on colder days. Rotating between the inexpensive play joggers and the thicker more substantial ones ends up preserving them both!

This is the coat I get him year after year and last year I also got him this one last year and it was warmer than I could have imagined. If you live somewhere that sees sub zero temperatures or even tends to be be sub 30 degrees for months at a time, this is the only coat you want to get.

I absolutely love hooded tees for boys and they make for a great layering piece when the cold weather hits. I’ve linked a ton below if thats your thing, but my favorite top layer before a winter coat becomes necessary is this fleece (there’s a really inexpensive one here.)

extra tips:

While you can save on things like joggers and leggings, the places to splurge will always be in quality boots and coats. These things are crucial. I rotate between different hats and scarves for the kids all winter long but they have one pair of boots so they better be 1. big enough to last a season and a half 2. warm enough 3. sturdy enough. In my opinion, this isn’t the place to skimp if you need your kids boots to be a workhorse. Now, if you live in the South, you may want to splurge on a light jacket or raincoat as well as a heavier coat since the winter boot might not get as much use. Base your investments on what makes the most sense for what your day-to-day life looks like in the cold weather seasons.

I always buy their coats a whole size up and have had luck nearly every year with getting to use the same coats for two winters in a row. This is why the investment is worth it as well-you just can’t beat quality. I look for water-resistant or repellant in the title too because there are few things more upsetting than being cold AND wet. Also, whenever we travel to somewhere truly cold I layer long johns under their clothing to act as a base layer that really keeps their warmth in.

Here are my picks for both of them from my favorite places which include Nordstrom (you can return things FOREVER if you, like me, forget to return something that didn’t fit your little for a solid 6 months. Also, their selection is just the best hands down.) J.Crew, H&M (which typically runs big so do NOT size up), Gap, Old Navy, and Maisonette. for those really unique and special items (think birthday party, Christmas, a special present or photoshoot things.) Zara can’t be included in those links but it also makes up a big portion of their wardrobe!

G I R L S:






cold weather gear:

B O Y S:

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cold weather gear:

Family Photo Outfit Inspiration guide has been my most popular post to date for years- I’ll be updating it with fresh links for this year but for now, you may find it helpful as you plan for that 2019 family shot!

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