A Look Into Life as a Family of Four

Join me on this journey as I pursue my passions through motherhood and have fun with some stay-at-home mom fashion as I live my childhood dream of present motherhood along the way.  

You’ll see snippets of my four children, birth stories, routines, homeschooling, and everything in-between. You’ll even find a daily look into our home life as I share vacations and simple moments. This space is set aside for all things family and motherhood—from braiding hair to postpartum essentials. Of course, if you’ve been around for a while, you know my love for gift guides—you can find them all here! 

‘In My Arms’ is a glimpse into my heart as I share bits and pieces of my family life.

In My Arms

Welcome Enakhe

On Monday June 26th, 38 weeks pregnant, I woke up ready to meal prep to have a stash of freezer meals to enjoy once baby arrived. My sisters showed up at 10am to help me in the kitchen and I made a note that despite a couple weeks of prodromal labor and every day feeling […]

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