October Favorites

October was over just as quickly as it came but man was it a wonderful month! The homeschool-preschool schedule has really become routine, I grew in friendship and fellowship with my group in Women’s Bible Study at church, O and I took a quick solo trip to New York, we had the best Halloween ever with family and it was actually real life cold here in Texas. I mean 30 degrees cold, none of that “55 is freezing” business. Let’s dive in! 

1. My Pajamas. I get so, so, so many questions about my salmon colored pajama set (you can see them here.) Unfortunately, I purchased them last winter and they’re sold out. BUT. They released new colorways and I am totally scooping up the hunter green version because they’re just so good. I also can’t stop picturing wearing the hunter green with a festive, fun Holiday themed sock for all of our cozy family evenings which is why I’m scooping up a pair or two of those socks as well.

2. My Le Crueset. October starts soup, stew and roast season in our house. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used my Le Crueset dutch ovens in the 8.5 years I’ve been married but it’s often enough that O gifted me another one last year. They cook evenly and predictably every single time and they’re stunning enough to keep out on the stove or carry with the lid over to a potluck or friend’s house. If you’ve been thinking of taking the plunge but were hesitating and wondering if it’s worth it-I’m here to tell you 1. It is. 100 times over. and 2. It’s on sale here!

3. My Pom Hat. It was actually colder in Dallas than it was in New York during our stay so I underestimated that East Coast weather. I’m so glad I brought a couple hats “just incase” because it turns out I couldn’t have done all that walking without them! I tend to stick to neutral colors as you guys know but I couldn’t pass this stunning pink duo up. It’s the perfect compliment to a monochromatic outfit and is just really flattering in general.

4. Barefoot Dreams Blanket. I’ve talked about this blanket before and I’ve raved about my robe from the company time and time again. This blanket was the MVP of my October because it is, hands down, the coziest blanket I’ve ever felt in my life. It lives on my bed and I look forward to snuggling up with it every single night. The kids also love crawling into bed with me and the blanket is the first thing they reach for. I’m going to pick it up in a second color because it’s time one lives on the couch too…just not mine.

5. My Curling Iron. When the cold weather rolls around my curly hair gets much less airtime. Between the hats and hoods and beanies I like to have my hair smooth and the quickest way to elevate it is a pass through with this curling iron. I’ve never used a better curling iron for my coarse hair! I’ve had this one for a year and I use it with the clamp open to treat it like a wand and will use the clamp when I want a different type of curl. This is my favorite winter investment.

6. Jillian Harris Cookbook. My mom gifted me with this cookbook a couple weeks ago and I was overjoyed. I’ve visited Jillian Harris’ blog many times over the years to read and use her vegan recipes. This cookbook is beautiful and filled with every recipe you could need and has vegan and gluten free swaps for tons of the options. I can’t wait to dig into this one.

7. Veja Sneakers. I’ve never worn a single shoe as much as I’ve worn my Veja sneakers. I have two pairs and it’s been reeeallyy difficult to convince myself to wear anything else lately. I was warned that the tongue is stiff for the first few wears and just takes some wearing in. This was true for one pair and not for the other but both are soft as butter now and worth every penny if you want an elevated sneaker to pair with everything from joggers and jeans to skirts and dresses.


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