A Good Ol’ Fashion Favorites Roundup

We have three blog posts left in the year 2019 (!!!) and I couldn’t pass up the chance to do a solid link round up for you. 

This essay by Katie Blackburn just hit the spot. It couldn’t be more true but it’s a message we often forget: “Good moms raise all kinds of children.”

Chris Morocco is one of my favorite people working in the BA Test kitchen because he’s just so persnickety and particular and genuine. The “Chris Recreates” series is just so much fun and also fascinating to see how closely he can come to recreating incredibly specific and complex dishes without being able to see them at all. He’s got a true gift.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to Hunter’s ‘Fruit of the Spirit’ series on the Journeywomen podcast this is sort of like Christmas morning for you. All the episodes have been encouraging and humbling but Irene Sun’s interview in the ‘Kindness’ episode had me taking notes and rewinding segments over and over. What a gift.

I was completely and totally unprepared for this short film (really short-6 minutes) based on the book ‘Hair Love.’ I got the book for Keogena for Christmas and I’m just warning you, this short film is such a beautiful glimpse into what it’s like to have a daughter with Nigerian hair but it  will certainly require a tissue or five. It’s stunning.

I wore this sweater a couple times last week and haven’t received more questions on an item in a long time. You know how I feel about my sweaters and this one entered my top 3 rotation immediately. (Incase you’re curious or new here, the other two are this one-also on sale-and this one.) It’s definitely non-maternity but is so oversized it just works perfectly with a bump and skinny jeans. It’s currently on sale and I highly recommend scooping one up!

Friends, I’ve tried a lot of vegan queso recipes over the past five years. A whoooole lot. They’ve ranged from runny and garlicky to gloopy and chunky. This recipe is absolutely DELICIOUS. I made it to accompany our taco night a couple days ago and this stuff had O and the kids raving every single bite. I made a batch of nachos with Siete cassava tortillas and also served a little bowl of it on everyones plate as a “taco dip.” Make this ASAP and just trust me on this one.

These cookies paleo, grain-free, refined-sugar free and most importantly so, so good. I cannot be without them and must have a box in the pantry at all times. They’re so small and so delicious just please tell me if you try them and you’re welcome/I’m sorry at the same time.

And lastly, if you haven’t watched Father of the Bride in the past year it’s time you set aside a night with a cup of tea and your favorite dessert and just enjoy.

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