Autumn Favorites for Littles

collage of Jill's older kids in coordinating outfits

Are your kids distance learning or back in school? Despite our unique split (the kids homeschool three days a week and are in school two days), I’ve still found-much to my surprise-they need clothes. I don’t know if we had pandemic growth spurts or what but both kids outgrew quite literally every item of fall clothing they had. Here are some great staples for this season and the next.


Babies really don’t need much. Here is my 0-3 newborn essentials post with some clothing favorites in there as well, but now that Zeameh is 5 months old, I’ve gotten her dressed more often. I always buy a size big to steer clear of the 3-6 month clothing (it just goes too quickly to justify!) so her clothes fit a little big but she certainly doesn’t mind. I do like to add things like stockings and socks and bonnets for girls and sweaters or jackets for boys to extend a summer wardrobe as long as possible!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- I have a specific girl style. I prefer sweet, cozy and simple for my kids rather than cool and wild and rigid. Keogena hasn’t worn denim or stiff pants yet- it’s leggings and bloomers and skirts and dresses over here. Here are some favorites.


People say dressing boys is no fun–I completely disagree. I love choosing Oshiolema’s clothes and letting him decide what to wear, even if the majority of the time he chooses a costume. I don’t get any fancy pants or invest in trousers because I want him to be free to play in just about everything. So just a tip: for me, nicer bottoms have to be a great sale or inexpensive to begin with.


Here are a couple favorites in our rotation:

My favorite places to shop for kids:

Gap Kids

Old Navy Kids

Mango Kids (sizes 5T+)

H&M Kids (tip: this whole brand runs big! Especially for baby! I like to size up a bit but if this is for a family photo, size down.)

Nordstrom Kids (truly everything you could ever need. the best return policy out there which makes trying different sizes for coats, jackets and shoes the best)

Next Official (I always stock up on some packs of multiples. Also runs a little big and a little long which is great for my kids)

Maisonette (lots of items are pricier but there are many in the mid-range price point and I always find special items we keep and pass down here)

Crewcuts (J.Crew is nearly always having a Sale. Watch out for them!)

Mini Boden (I go for the very, very simple styles personally. quality is impeccable.)

Tea Collection (again, the simple styles win for me. these pieces last forever.)

And of course, Target. I find the in-person selection to be much better than the online selection!

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