Baby B.

This has been a month of big changes. I have been a wife for about a month and a week, in that time we have traveled to Fiji, Australia, Bora Bora, moved out of San Francisco, moved back into St. Louis, Canada, Detroit, St. Louis, Atlanta, and now Minnesota for the deep breath and pure joy of it all: meeting our niece. 
Brooklynne Mackenzie Calhoun. 
She is absolute perfection. And I know everyone says that about their newborn/granddaughter/daughter/neice but I mean it. Let me tell you why:
1. She never ever cries. Unless she is scheduled to eat, the girl is perfectly content.
2. She has these steel-blue-gray eyes that change every day.
3. She has full blown dreams and sleeps like her mommy and daddy. (Spastic, constantly twitching and making weird faces.)
4. She always, and I mean always, wants to have both hands on her cheeks, reminding me of numerous favorite movie characters.
5. She is so precious. And I can’t help but think that since she doesn’t have anything to dream about, she is probably just dreaming about Jesus and heaven all the time- remembering where she came from. 
I can’t believe she has fingernails. That is one of the most incredible things to me. And coming from someone who stares at her for seven hours a day and is amazed with every mouth twitch and whimper, this means a lot. She has lived and grown inside my sisters belly for nine months, and when she was born three days ago, she was born with fingernails. And eyelids. And the teeny tiniest mouth that was copy-pasted from her daddy’s face. God is amazing. 
More to come.

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  • Emily 10 years ago Reply

    I remember clearly when my first niece was born- 10 years ago this summer. I was head over heels in love with her- everything about her. Enjoy being an aunt- it so much fun! 🙂

  • Bonnie 10 years ago Reply

    Wow! You are amazing! A beautiful post, beautifully written and such awesome pictures! I love that no matter where you live or are, you choose to be close to your family and celebrate every joy with them!! Please stop and see us sometime if ever in the area!! It would mean so much to us! Love and hugs!

  • Emily 10 years ago Reply

    I had to come back to your blog and leave another comment about something you wrote… I LOVE how you said she must be dreaming about Jesus and heaven, remembering where she came from… So true and such a sweet thought. I have thought that many times (since reading this blog) when I look down at my baby… Thanks for sharing.

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