Easter for the Littles

Hi Friends! Easter is next weekend and since this is the first year Oshiolema has been able to fully comprehended every holiday, this one will be more special than ever. 

Typically on Easter, I put together a sweet basket for each kid with a treat, a book, a toy that seems somewhat spring related (although this year, Oshiolema will be getting a whale stuffed animal so that whole seasonal thing is clearly a loose rule) and some stickers or something along those lines. We usually go to church first thing in the morning, come home for a fancier than usual meal and then head to a friends for a fun egg hunt. This year will be no different!


I found this book last week and have been reading it every day for the kids. It’s incredibly thorough and gives such a great breakdown to everything from the Easter bunny and Easter eggs to Christ’s death and resurrection. Here are some fun things to add to the Easter festivities with your littles. The place cards are a really special touch and that candy bar would be the kind of thing you put in your older kids basket just to sneak for yourself. I plan on baking a few fun desserts, (especially since I’ll be breaking my sugar fast a few days after and I plan on going IN) so the gingham napkins and cupcake liners will definitely be put to use.

I’d love to hear your Easter traditions with your family! My parents did such an incredible job making the day all about Christ and I look forward to doing the same with my crew!

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