Friday Feels

Hi, friends! Happy Friday and Happy June!

1. There are six, yes S I X three digit temperatures in the 10 day forecast. That’s a lot of numbers so let me break it down for you: it’s hot. Hot like the sun.

2. …and these popsicle molds arrived just in time! My kids are popsicle fanatics but it’s hard to find what I’m looking for in the freezer section. I’m excited to try this lava popsicle recipe as a bit of a more special treat (plus, wow factor) and this peach popsicle minus the honey for a more regular snack.

3. If you have a child and have not yet tried these shoes, please open a new tab and order a pair right now. From the months of April-September, it’s an awfully fancy day if you don’t see these on Oshiolema and Keogena’s feet. They slip on in exactly one second, withstand popsicle drips and beach days, make hot splash pads and too-tall grass bearable and look pretty stinkin’ cute. We’re forever fans and when the they hit a growth spurt, I’ve primed another pair faster than they can say “my feet hurt!”

4. This prayer journal is on its way to me as we speak and I’m so looking forward to getting to work. My prayer life in the past few months has been shifted and shaken and I feel it in every part of me. I’ve heard such great things about these journals and was reminded of this particular one at just the right time.

5. This article hasn’t left my mind since I read it.

6. My rule for temperatures this high is simple: nothing touch me. No bodycon, no slim-fitting, no funny business. Everything I throw on should simply cover my nakedness and distract from the sweat…don’t even show my silhouette, but be really cute. K? These tops fit the bill.

7. That being said, If I wear these for the entirety of summer, pretend it’s alright.

8. This book has had such an impact on me and answered really heavy questions I’ve carried for years. It’s a quick read- O and I both finished it in two days- but it’s one you’ll dig back through for years to come.

9. Since our move, very few things feel routine. There are still entire rooms we haven’t gotten to and I’m still deciding where I want things to “live” in the kitchen. For our first big unpacking day, my mom came over bright and early with a bag of ice, some water and this beautiful countertop water dispenser from Target. She set it up with cups and in a way only a mom can, she saved the day with that one simple move. I’ve since set it up again every day, slicing strawberries or lemons or cucumbers and filling it to the brim. We’re water guzzlers as it is but by the way my kids drink that water, you’d think I’d filled it with apple juice and pixie sticks. It’s magic. Moral of the story-pull out a pitcher, fill it with water and some sort of fresh something and call it a day.

10. This season has been one of the hardest of my life and I’m just so grateful for friendships in this time. With four sisters, I haven’t always relied on huge groups of girlfriends because my built in best friends are closest to me. It always felt the safest, somehow. Opening myself to deep and lasting friendships with women God has brought to my life has changed me. It’s opened me and challenged me and ultimately, it’s blessed me. In hard times, friends have a way of shining.

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