Friday Feels

Hello Friends! Happy Friday! Here are some things that caught my eye this week:

This Kraft Paper wall holder makes me so excited about our rental. I’d jot a weekly family verse on it, a quote I want to remember or a quick grocery list on it. I’ve seen them rolling around Pinterest for years but this is the first that actually has a reasonable price.

As I prepare to begin homeschooling, my mind is all about filing and storing and organizing. These white bins are perfect for every writing tool I’ll keep on hands-from my pencils to his markers, colored pencils and crayons. It’s such a beauty.

I never receive more compliments then when I wear a jumpsuit. I feel so put together in an instant and it takes exactly 5 minutes to get dressed. I wore this one last week with an off the shoulder top (you can see how I wear it in the winter here) and by the end of the day was reminded why they’re my most important investment piece. I’ve probably worn this one at least 20 times this year alone.(see it in action here)

I was so blessed by this episode of the Journeywomen Podcast on ‘Growing in Godliness’ this week.

With the fall calendar already filling up, our white board is a way to keep everyone informed (and reminded…that’s the hard part for me) of our weekly schedule. This large gold framed white board would blend in to any aesthetic seamlessly.

I’m looking for all the fun at-home activities for the fall and this article on sensory play with dough got bookmarked for sure.

My friend Shelly shared this gluten-free and vegan “brownie” recipe this week and the kids and I made them the next day. They’re so delicious! The base is black beans and the only sweetener in the recipe is honey. It’s taken everything in my power to save the rest for the babes today.

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