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Shopbop is having an incredible Sale today and I saw it as the perfect opportunity to talk about investing in great pieces to build a wardrobe.

It can be pretty intimidating to invest in items when a new season rolls around. As someone with a shopping budget, the ultimate temptation is to buy a bunch of trendy items from fast-fashion stores to get ‘more’ instead of ‘better.’ While I love a good Zara run and see the need for an H&M stroll every now and then, the items I invest in at the start of the season with the intention to wear over and over again all season long (and for years to come) are the pieces I’m most grateful for in my closet. I have to really lay things out to allocate what’s essential and also what is worth adding to my wardrobe instead of what I’ll wear for one vacation or event. I’ve learned over the years that quality really does beat quantity every. single. time.

Here are the items I would sort through to invest in this season. The items I have (and frequent!) in my closet are this shirt which I wore at least once a week last summer either tucked into simple shorts or worn with overalls, the jumpsuit (shown above) that has proven to be one of my best purchases in a long time and this essential tee dress which I’ve worn year after year with a denim jacket and sneakers or on its own with sandals!




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  • […] I never receive more compliments then when I wear a jumpsuit. I feel so put together in an instant and it takes exactly 5 minutes to get dressed. I wore this one last week with an off the shoulder top (you can see how I wear it in the winter here) and by the end of the day was reminded why they’re my most important investment piece. I’ve probably worn this one at least 20 times this year alone.(see it in action here) […]

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