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Happy Friday, Friends! I can’t believe how fast this week flew by. Earlier in the week I took the kids out for a walk and actually had to turn around after a few minutes to grab blankets for them in the stroller. Guys, it’s happening. Fall is here! 

I’m soaking it up for the next couple weeks before we head to Dallas mid-month where Fall hits a genuine two weeks before Christmas. We’ll be staying for nearly a month to spend time with my family, but most importantly to welcome our highly anticipated new nephew who is due in just three weeks! My sister was in the room during my last birth and it’s my turn to return the favor almost one year (nearly to-the-day) later. I’m just glad to have another person adding children to this family so I stop getting death stares from my siblings for every month I’m not calling with a pregnancy announcement.

Here are some things getting me super excited that Fall is around the corner, and some things I plan on wearing until we head down south (and consequently, back into summer) for a few weeks:

This cookbook makes me so happy and I love that it’s broken up into holidays, giving you a vision for each season.

I recently got this sweater in the pale blush pink and between the color and the fact that it feels like I’m wearing my college crewneck, it has my vote for favorite purchase as of late!

Okay, this one is kind of the same and also wins the same award BUT, it has tie sleeves. Tie sleeves distract from the whole gym-wear situation so you can wear it with booties and high waisted jeans without anyone knowing you might as well be in a pajama top. Win-win!

The two beautiful ladies that make up my favorite sister duo own a store in San Carlos called Joey Rae Boutique and since I’ve only been able to visit once, I’ve been left drooling at all their new merchandise ever since. They must have heard my tears all the way from California because they launched an incredible online site and guys, their fall stuff is amazing!

This top feels awfully fitting for this Friday Feels post

Can you tell comfort is my top priority in an outfit? I’d throw a duster jacket over this and wear it with booties and a scarf or a baseball hat and Converse.

I refuse to follow the no white after Labor Day rule, how gorgeous would these jeans be with some booties and an oversized flannel?

And lastly, let’s not forget the littles. Now that it’s cooler outside and I have a baby girl that is walking non-stop, I’m finally accepting the fact that she can’t be barefoot all the time anymore. I’m so tempted to scoop up these sweet booties for her. The quality is incredible and the sole is soft so she can still practice her strut without being in the borderline full leg-casts that are typical baby boots.

We’re planning on laying low this weekend and enjoying the last couple days before Keogena turns one. I still can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I was pregnant-that’s always the hardest part to wrap my hear around. How has she been her own little human for that long? We’ll be embracing the cooler temperatures and enjoying some cozier comfort food. I’d love to know, are you the type to savor summer or rush into Fall before it even arrives, like me? Whichever side you’re on, I hope the temperatures are dropping a little bit where you are. If not just grab a pumpkin latte, turn up the AC and put on something cozy. Fall is here, friends.

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