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We made the 8 hour road trip to our lakehouse in Windsor, Ontario early this week to spend some much needed time with family. Keogena doesn’t turn 1 until mid September but we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate her big day surrounded by tons of cousins and family. Showing up to a near empty lakehouse and putting together a first birthday in three days is no joke but grandparents sure do help! 

I’m in full party prep mode and whenever I start planning for my kids parties I love to dig deep into the depths of 100 Layer Cakelet. I got married before Pinterest was a thing so 100 Layer Cake was a huge resource for me when it came to planning my wedding- I’m so thankful for these two sister-sites!

We’re knee deep in a couple house flips and are about to begin our own home overhaul so watching Studio McGee,one of my favorite Interior Design firm’s YouTube channel, fills me with inspiration and just gives me all the good feels. I’ve been playing it in the background in between It’s Complicated and Meg Ryan movies while I’ve been baking the days away this week.

My favorite Podcast, Risen Motherhood is finally about to return after their summer break and I’m celebrating by re-listening to some of my favorite episodes. If you’re a woman seeking to serve the Lord more in every day life, with or without children and/or a spouse, this podcast is fantastic.

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you watching the epic Mayweather fight? O is boxing’s hands-down number one fan. I’ve been overhearing every single press conference and commentary for this fight for months now and must admit, I am a teeny bit excited. I also must admit I know more about boxing than I ever intended because of this man. I hope you strike the perfect balance between doing all the things and doing nothing this weekend, see you next week!

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