Inspiration for Keogena’s Big Girl Room

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Keogena has been sleeping in a queen bed for our whole stay in Memphis. The furniture rental company we used didn’t offer cribs and we were unwilling to bring our own. We head back to Texas in a couple weeks and her sweet baby crib will be waiting for us so it’s time to transition her nursery to a big girl room! 

We had no intention of transitioning Keogena to a big girl bed at 28 months but it happened in spite of me and two months in, I’m here to report it’s been wonderful! I was a bit scarred by my big-kid bed transition with Oshiolema. He was 25 months old and despite refusing sleep in his crib, was just plain not quite ready. He wandered the halls, climbed into our bed multiple times a night and woke up CRAZY early. It never crossed my mind that she was ready until we had no choice.

My goal for Keogena’s room and “style” as a whole is to be sweet and simple. I don’t gravitate towards anything funky or wild, but lean more towards the things that make me say “aww!” Which, I admit, is a pretty loose guide. We currently live in a rental as we wait to sell some properties and finish up others so while wallpaper is in her future, it won’t be in this house. I’m torn between whether I should do a daybed situation or a full blown queen bed she can grow into, any recommendations here if you’ve gone one way or the other? Here are two rooms I’ve designed based off her own personality and the inspiration images making me most excited right now. Which is your favorite?

girl's room, girl's bedroom, first big girl room

rug, chandelier, linen pillowsvelvet pillow, canopy , bed, bunny, doll buggy, linen blanket


canopy, bed, chandelier, artwork, quilt, colette doll, mermaid, bedding, garment rack

for the opening collage I made: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

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