The Travel Items I’ve Got My Eye On

Keeping in the theme of travel this week, I’m one week out from a quick weekend trip with the kids and less than one month out from moving back to Dallas from our little stint in Memphis. Needless to say, I’ve been evaluating our suitcases and accessories pretty heavily to make sure everything is as practical and efficient as it should be. While I feel I’ve got our travel system down to a science, there’s always room for improvement! After much research, these are the things that made the list:

Travel Bag

Our Nike luggage that is now over a decade old is my hands down favorite, but I’m starting to enter preservation mode with it. There’s nothing on the market like it and the thought of using it to death haunts me a little bit. This Calpack luggage has received gold stars from people across the world and I’m so excited to get my hands on a set. Now, to choose a color…

Laptop Backpack

We always travel with a backpack. My laptop usually gets the shaft, though, bouncing around in there with snacks and toys. I love this backpack made by a travel company because they truly thought of everything. A designated laptop section plus the true rectangular shape, the slot to slide the backpack onto a roller bag and all the extra compartments make this one a winner.

Updated Fanny Pack

You heard right. The fanny pack is “back” which to me just means they’re cute and easier to find and thank goodness, because I never stopped wearing them! I love a fanny pack and with some fun trips on the horizon, sometimes it’s nice to have everything you need right in front of you. A chapstick, some cash or a card, my phone and the best camera for every day and I’m all set! You can see what I always keep in my full sized purse here.

Calpack Packing Cubes

I’ve been raving about packing cubes for years and never travel without them. The ones I scooped up on Amazon Prime a few years ago certainly do the trick but it’s time for an update. After plenty of research, these are the ones in my cart!

Wash Bag

I usually put the dirty laundry in a garbage bag to travel home with. Even if we’re in an airbnb, I do laundry when absolutely necessary throughout the trip (hi, toddler stains) but prefer to not have to spend the last day of vacation in the laundry room. This wash bag is cute but also super helpful to keep the fresh clean clothes away from the dirty clothes–less laundry in the long run. That’s my love language right there.

Food Storage Containers

It’s been a while since I was able to grab airport food. It’s too difficult to know if something really doesn’t have gluten or if it wasn’t accidentally made with butter. I always have my own food for the airport and never travel without the kids bento boxes either. I’ve been loving having salads on hand so the salad containers, my favorite reusable snack bags filled with our favorites along with this stunning mini cooler will all be making our next trip.


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