Late Winter/Early Spring Momiform: 10 Essentials.

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It’s that time of year where we start seeing ads for vacations and beaches and we’re sitting at home in our robes and nike socks realizing the warmest place we’ll be going in the near future is the laundry room. January-March is a notoriously tricky season to dress for. The weather is unpredictable, the cold weather lost it’s charm when the Christmas tree was put away and “well, I’m not seeing anyone anyway” acts as a blanket statement for wearing the same college hoodie three days in a row. I’ve got your back, friend.

Not everyone feels the need to get dressed everyday. I completely understand that. Whenever I’m asked, “how do you get motivated to actually get ready for the day?!” I respond with the fact that I simply feel better when I do. I’m more productive, more prepared and it feels ten times better to switch back into pajamas at the end of the day. As a work-at-home mom, getting dressed helps break up my days into “work time” and “mom time” categories since they are completely overlapped.

I’ve pulled together the 10 pieces that will carry any wardrobe through the toughest stretch of months in the year with ease. I’m not a capsule wardrobe person myself, but I do like to know which sections of my closet should get the most play at any given time.

January-March Wardrobe Priorities:

I like to take a look at what my wardrobe needs are to inform what I’ll reach for most. In the summer, I typically try to reach for color more often. I want to keep cool while still feeling stylish. In the fall, I’m trying to layer without melting (Texas life) and working in more cozy textures. For January-March in the late winter season, my goals are simple:

I want my outfits to be comfortable, warm, effortless and classic. I lean towards neutrals all year round but especially in this stretch because I want my outfits to be simple to mix and match with almost no effort at all. I achieve variety though layers and textures rather than color.

Here are our items: 1. Jeans (leaning towards black and white tones) 2. Cardigan (cropped) 3. Oversized Pullover 4. White Top 5. Sweatsuit 6. Jumpsuit 7. Dress 8. Activewear 9. Long Coat 10. Short Jacket.

Jeans. I lean towards a high waisted, cropped straight leg denim this time of year. I like to pair them with sneakers ninety percent of the time. The remaining ten, you can find me in slides or socks and birkenstocks.

Cropped Cardigan. I pull away from the long, heavy cardigans and fully embrace it’s cropped sister instead. I absolutely love the look of a cropped cardigan that just overlaps the top of high waisted denim with nothing underneath as well as a chunky cardigan layered over a dress it’s not quite warm enough to wear yet but you just can’t resist.

Oversized Pullover. Remember our priorities? The oversized pullover is absolutely essential for me this time of year. Some days I just want to feel like I’m bundled up, cozy and casual while still looking pulled together with just a simple front tuck.

White Top. This isn’t revolutionary- a white top is the hero of every season- but don’t forget how simple and stunning it is while keeping it hidden behind your stacks of hoodies.

Sweatsuit. You know my take: sweatsuits are a year-round thing for me. They are especially important in my wardrobe this time of year, though, and at least one day every week I’m in a matching set that is one half-step up from pajamas but makes me feel like I’m ready to tackle the day.

Jumpsuit. Maybe it’s a little more difficult to get motivated to get dressed in the first few months of the year. Maybe it’s even more difficult now that we’ve sort of forgotten what it’s like to get dressed. Don’t worry- the jumpsuit always has your back. One single piece and bam, you’re set. I have this white short-sleeved jumpsuit in the image and it is gooooood.

Dress. Dresses are my love language. Make it a long sleeve dress that works to wear around the house while homeschooling just as well as it does for a fancy evening. I have this dress in two colors and can confirm it is 100% worth the hype. Everyone who has purchased one through the blog reaches out to say “you weren’t kidding!” Here are some more favorite dresses for this time of year that pair well with sneakers, slides and boots equally well.

Activewear. The chances of you tackling some wellness goals this time of year are high. I personally have a goal of moving my body five days a week and this sometimes means I stay in activewear for a good chunk of the day. Throw a peacoat or denim jacket over these pieces and you’re suddenly Hailey Bieber out on the town.

Long Coat. As much as I’d like to will the warm weather to come more quickly, it won’t. A long coat pulls together every single outfit and I’m not about being impractical. Listen, if you’re cold, wear a coat. Bonus points if it’s equal parts pretty and warm.

Cropped Jacket. Versatility is the key to making your wardrobe go the distance. A short jacket adds a little bit of a cooler edge where a long coat is more classic and ladylike. You know you best- don’t underestimate the power of a final layer.

Best Shoes of the Season:

Last touches: Hat. Sock. Repeat.

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