How Meal Prepping Saves My Week

  1. Amanda says:

    Loved the recipes you linked! I am excited to try a few new ones, including the carnitas taco’s! They look so fresh and yummy. I noticed in the tools section above you didn’t list a knife set you like? I just got purchased a Shun knife from W&S. Been a game changer for me! We had received a lovely henkels knife set for our wedding 13 years ago and while they are wonderful they are heavy! Really loving my new shun! Link here – Another not super expensive but helpful tool for me was this weekly menu from paper source. It has helped simplify my life!

    • Jill says:

      Hi, Amanda! I actually use both of those exact things!! We have the Shun knife block which in hindsight I wouldn’t get-I would have gotten 3 or of them rather than the whole block but I totally agree, they’re fantastic! I’ve used and loved that RP meal planner for years and only just last month switched to a different one. I literally only switched because I had used the other pad since 2018! Hahah thank you for your great recommendations!!

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