Men’s 7 Spring Essentials: the “no brainer” guide to your guy’s wardrobe.

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I talked a bit on Instagram last week about an epiphany I had. It probably hit me as I was doing some spring wardrobe planning for O that I receive questions about his clothes more often than I ever thought I would. Up until this point, I typically only did a big men’s guide at Christmastime but when the questions came rolling in, I typed out the answers. Let’s do this, friends.

I’ve mentioned before that when I met him, O was a man who required “flair” with every outfit. Usually it was an Ed Hardy-ish eagle or some sort of bedazzling. The pants were w i d e. The shorts were l o n g. He was very big on matchy-matchy style and while he has decently good taste, he definitely screamed “bachelor.” I have been slowly chipping away at his closet since we met and now, twelve years later, his clothes still look like him but in a cleaner, more classic way.

Before we get started, O is an athlete. He has a very narrow waist, a big ol’ booty and legs like ham hocks. He’s built like a thoroughbred and comes in at 6′ on the dot. This is a very specific body type so while I received countless questions about building a wardrobe for a 6’7 man or a 300lb+ man, I’ll be the first to say that isn’t my area of expertise. I’ll be sharing resources I’ve found but I don’t have first hand experience with them so please report back! My style for men is the same as my style preference for myself: classic, clean and versatile. You know the man in your life. I hope this serves as a jumping off point you can cater to his specific style.

1. Jacket. Depending on where you live, this isn’t the absolute most crucial of items. I don’t know what it is about O but he is rarely ever cold so if he’s wearing a jacket, you know its cold. I personally love the look of a jacket or an overshirt to finish an outfit and to take a tee to the next level. This is my favorite denim jacket by far. As far as jacket jackets go, you can’t beat this one. It’s an investment but when I tell you they last forever, I mean it.

2. Sweats. These may not seem like a wardrobe essential for everyone, but let me politely say- they should be. Oshiomogho has worn joggers at least four days a week for years and if your man doesn’t have a job where he’s able to wear joggers, sweats and a matching sweatsuit are a no-brainer solution for winter. Our favorite brands for sweats is Reigning Champ and it’s an investment we’ve found to be worth its weight in gold. He wears these things to death and they look perfectly worn in and brand new at the same time.

matching sets and pullovers:


Hoodies fall under this category and are an absolute wardrobe staple year round in my opinion. He reaches for a lighter weight version as the temperatures get warmer eventually ending up with a hooded tee in summertime (it’s only March and he’s already reaching for this one non-stop.)

3. Athletic Wear. I don’t know a single man in real life that doesn’t love athletic wear. Whether or not they exercise is a whole different story- they’re just drawn to it. Full disclosure: Oshiomogho can be found in his Stanford Track or Stanford Football gear 90% of the time, his NFL stuff 9% of the time and in the smallest, most random workout gear for the remaining 1%. He prefers function over fancy so while he loves his Lululemon joggers and athleisure wear, he doesn’t work out in it. The jankier the better for his workouts.

4. The Perfect Tee. This needs no explanation. A staple tee is essential in everyones wardrobe. I think every man should own at least three different colors of plain tees he feels fantastic in. Stripes are an absolute must for one in my book because it acts as a neutral as well as elevating every single outfit. This one and this one are our favorite, hands-down.

While I prefer plain whenever possible, our goal isn’t to completely wash away their personality in their wardrobe. That would be tragic. I instead try to elevate their favorite staples. In this case, O is a comic book expert and collector so he’s a big fan of graphic tees. I swapped out the ones that felt like a crunchy old washcloth and did my best to find cooler, more contemporary versions.

5. Shorts. Tis the season. The vast majority of the questions I received were about shorts so I’m thrilled to say we went on a major shorts journey a couple years ago and have been completely loyal to this pair right here ever since. Again, O is a small waist, big booty man which means he wears a belt every single time he’s not wearing joggers but he can get away without one in those shorts. It’s worth the investment-so much so that he has multiple.

6. Pants. I have three favorite pants for O: this pair is the one he reaches for most often because they go with everything and he says “I can do yoga in these things, they’re that comfortable.” They’ve won most comfy three years in a row. The other two winners are tied for “most versatile” and it’s this pair and this pair. Also, this Athletic Slim collection allows for the impossible: a slim pant made to fit athletic body types. In our years of trying, our favorite brands for denim have been AG and Paige. He likes a unique fit and style sometimes and for that, I reach for this pair and this pair.

7. Sneakers. The MVP. Where would we be without these things? I’m not even going to call any other shoe essential because sneakers ranging from the most athletic looking to the most put-together, buttoned up version are really all you need. O is not a sneaker head. He hasn’t collected Jordans since college and stays away from anything too trendy, but he loves a thin sole sneaker and has amassed quite a collection.

For the fancy sneaker heads who pretend price isn’t a thing, these are for you.

Don’t be afraid of the tailor, friends. When O was playing football, he and his teammates had every single suit custom made to fit his body properly. (Do. Not. Sleep. on this Athletic Slim Collection, for his fellow booty and thigh owners) Now his body isn’t quite as un-dressable but we still will tailor things when necessary. For those who asked where to shop for a harder-to-shop-for body type, this is what my research has proven:

J.Crew has a great selection of Tall clothing.

American Eagle has such a great collection for the lower price point and the Polo Ralph Lauren Big & Tall section for higher price points.

Madewell Athletic Fit:

I have two closing thoughts. One: if you want to bless your man beyond measure and increase his quality of life in a single switch, add this loungewear to his game. My goodness. My mom gifted O a set for Christmas when we were first married and it was as if she had given him a time machine. He talked about them for weeks, wore them every day and asked for another pair for his birthday. I absolutely love when he wears them because they make snuggling ten times better. Just trust me on this one-they’re butter and silk and clouds woven into pajamas and I couldn’t be a bigger fan.

Lastly, I don’t care who he his–He looks great in pink and should be wearing more of it.

I hope you find some pieces that become absolute wardrobe staples! Don’t be afraid to email me with any questions and be sure to tag me in any photos or stories you are willing to share when you scoop these things up. This is the fun part!

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  • Sarah Muela 8 months ago Reply

    Jill! I love this post so much. I recently started clothes shopping for my husband because I was getting tired of his 36 year old self dressing like a grumpy 50 year old. I’ve come to realize I love shopping for him! He’s looking more and more like the dreamboat I see every day and I can tell his confidence is boosted as well. I am keeping this post as a resource for sure!

    Jill 8 months ago Reply

    I love that, Sarah!! It’s so true! I think often men think they’re unaffected by what they wear until they wear something they truly feel awesome in. It’s such a gift to be able to help in that way—and my goodness it’s fun 😂

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