My Health Goals for 2018

I have an overall goal every year to be generally healthier, but I’ve found I always do better at actually accomplishing my goals when they’re very specific rather than so broad and vague. “Be healthy” is an awesome buzzword and yes, three cheers for aspiring for it. But what does it actually mean and look like for my life? 

O and I always wait until the end of January to sit down and have a little family meeting about our goals. Okay, in this case it was more like “lay-down” because the kids both slept over their grandparents house and we waited an actual forever to pry ourselves out of bed in the morning (9:30!) so instead of going out for breakfast, we laid in bed and had our “meeting” right there with unbrushed teeth. We both started with our physical goals and I’m shocked to see how much they’ve changed over the years as I’ve gone from college athlete to mother of two toddlers.

To be honest, I’m pretty ashamed of how sedentary my life has become. With my herniated discs and Diastasis Recti tag-teaming to make working out super unpredictable and often painful, I usually end up in a cycle of starting and stopping rather than ever maintaining a workout routine. I truly have a hard time picturing myself actually being active each day, which is how I know it’s time. 

I also hope to carry baby number 3 this year and I know I want my body to be as strong and healthy as possible for my third pregnancy, along with healing my abdominal separation as best I can before stretching that whole situation out again in pregnancy. 

Here are my health goals for this year:

Drink my body weight in ounces of water daily

This used to be something I did without even trying but in the last 6 months, it’s been a challenge. Aside from a cup of decaf a few days a week and tea daily, I only drink water (and Lacroix, of course!) So I definitely drink a good amount, but not as much as I need to thrive. I feel better, my skin looks better and I’m much more full when I’m drinking this much water and my enormous Hydroflask helps out a ton here.

Do my Diastasis Recti exercises every day

There was a point where my three finger gap had closed to nearly a one finger gap. I was ecstatic and sort of just stopped doing the exercises all together. Somewhere in the last couple months of working out again, I started to feel more pain and lack of support than ever before, so I laid down on the ground to check out the separation only to find it had crept back up to nearly 3 fingers again. I was so discouraged and shed a tear or two, but I’m so confident that this gap will heal and I know a large part of that is doing the exercises every single day.

Eat clean 5 days a week

The goal is to eat clean every day, but I’ll only have things like bread and sugar on Saturday and Sunday. My body always feels best when I fuel myself this way and I have much less cramping and bloating than when I eat more indulgently. 

Grow in my knowledge of nutrition for plant-based cooking

The kids and I have been meat-free for six months now and while we are happily surviving, I don’t know if i’d say we’re thriving. Just as a reminder- O has been vegan for two years and the kids and I are dairy/meat/fish free but we still eat eggs. I plan on reading more books and articles on how to ensure we’re getting enough vitamins, protein and nutrients every single day rather than just making sure we’re full

Workout 4 times a week

This workout doesn’t have to be long, it doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it has to be a workout. The most important thing for me is to ensure working out becomes a part of my routine again so its non-negotioable. 

Move at least 20 minutes every day

This includes the days I’m not working out. Moving for 20 minutes a day may sound like a joke to some of you, but this winter has kicked my butt! Whether its walking, jogging, HIIT, biking or swimming, this lady has to move at least 20 minutes.

And that’s it! My goals look nothing like the used to (workout 6 days a week! Reach new squat PR! Lose Xlbs! Define two lower abs! ) But these days, I don’t need anything elaborate. No weight goals, no goals for lifting or distance or calories or anything like that. Just goals that in my mind will make me a much healthier me. What are your fitness goals this year? 

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  • Beverly 4 years ago Reply

    You’ve inspired me😊!

    Jill 4 years ago Reply

    I’m so glad!!

  • Claire Hood 4 years ago Reply

    Hi! I also have the ab separation, and I would love to know what exercises you do that have helped! Thanks!

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