My Picks for My Guy and Littles: The Best of Sale

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I get a surprising amount of DM’s about men’s style. When I met O he was a very bedazzled, very flared pant wearing man that believed every outfit needed to color coordinate-including denim requiring a blue shirt or shoe to match. We’ve come a long way. East Dane has been one of my go-to places over the years to build his wardrobe to last and look great while doing so. Anthropologie is also having 25% off everything so rather than sharing women’s clothes like always, I’m sharing my picks for littles and some Holiday favorites that won’t be on sale again until Black Friday. Let’s go!

Littles + Holiday Picks:

Standout Items: Keogena has this doll/stuffed animal crib in her room and whether you’re expecting a new baby or not, this is just such a hit with kids to practice.

We get a few special Anthro ornaments every year for Christmas that remind us of the year we purchased them. I got this stork last year when I was pregnant with Z and am scooping up this globe to remind me how we walked through the pandemic together, these books to mark a unique school year, this fish because Fisho passed away and the kids are scarred and these doughnuts because, do you know my husband?

Lema loves helping me in the kitchen with this practice peeling and knife set. It’s been so incredible to watch his skills grow and he loves feeling like he has his own kitchen tools like us.

Men’s Picks (Last Day of Sale!)

Standout Items: We keep this wireless charger on the kitchen counter and it’s so helpful for the mornings I didn’t charge my phone overnight or when I can’t be bothered to go plug my phone in at the end of the day.

This Portable Speaker has lived in our family room for a few years now. We use if for Family Worship time and dance parties literally every day. It doesn’t hurt that it’s gorgeous.

MY ROBE. If you’ve asked about my hooded robe, this is it. Yes it’s a mens robe. Yes it’s fantastic. It feels like a hoodie/robe hybrid and I love it so much.

This Canadian brand is my favorite for O-and not just because he’s Canadian. The quality is second to none and the cuts of the simple sweats are just gorgeous. He loves that they’re comfortable, I love that they’re a no brainer to look great under a pea coat for date night or on their own for a day at the park.

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